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2009 Member’s Only Mastermind Meeting

Enjoy a delicious BBQ, games, kids activities, and play on the bouncy castle and slide! Enter to win great prizes including a brand new BBQ!Alarmist

WHEN: TBA – Please pass this invitation along to family and friends!

WHAT: A totally fun, totally free day of entertainment and activities for you and your family!

WHERE: Shhh! it’s a secret. Check your members only newsletter for details..

We encourage everyone (and their family) to come down and check it out, this is a free event for our members.

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Canadian Facts

Canada is the second largest country in world and all that land space is compricanadased of ten provinces, each of which offers a multitude of reasons to buy there. Today we will learn the names of each province and also learn a little about the largest city to be found in each one and perhaps give potential buyers a place to start their search.

1. Ontario, is home to the city of Toronto with it’s population of almost 13 million people. Located on the north-western shore of Lake Ontario, it’s motto is, “Our diversity is our Strength.” The people here are friendly, tolerant of cultural diversity, and the crime rate is low for such a large city. Toronto offers much too many in the form of employment, clean living environment and standard of living.

2. Quebec’s largest city is Montreal. Montreal is smaller than Toronto and home to approximately 8 million people. Like Toronto, there are many opportunities for employment here. Not as culturally diverse perhaps as French is spoken here and that is second only to Paris. Montreal loves it’s Ice Hockey and they are very good at it.

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