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Real Estate Investing In Canada on

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Real Profits Workshop and Conference

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Register Now for the LIVE Webinar event on July 13th, 2010

“Real Profits” Webinar Reveals the Secrets of Making Big Money Investing in Real Estate!

Register now for our upcoming Real Profits” Webinar. By filling out this form you will be redirected to our seminar sign up page. or go there now at

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Dear Invigo,

Thank you for finding me a beautiful property in Sunshine Coast, good tenants and good cashflows! When I heard about your “rent to own” system in June this year, I am really thrilled about the whole win-win-win situation. Invigo has taken out the guesswork for investors. Invigo has done all the work for investors and all investors have to do are to come up with the down payment, sign lots of documents and go deposit the rental checks every month. I have joined other real estate investment clubs before but none has come close compared to what Invigo offers members. Other clubs have provided the education part, but at the end of the day we all want to buy properties and have the peace of mind that we are buying the right properties and the right tenants. In this regard, Invigo not only educates its members but further have helped members getting properties. I have bought my first property with Invigo in November and I have had very pleasant experience working with Juliet Sullivan. Juliet is very professional, always keeps me updated and hold my hand along the way. Thank you, Juliet! I will recommend Invigo to my friends and the people who want to invest in real estate. Remember we buy and then wait, not wait to buy. Thank you Homvestors and I look forward to buying many more with you! ~ Nadia C. Langley, BC

P.S. Remember we are limited on the number of home buyers who can attend this special FREE Real Estate Investing Class. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Very educational and influential on how to invest with little money out of pocket and describes how to get ahead for financial freedom. ~ Praveen Singh – Surrey, BC
This appears to be a win/win program ~ Eve Weimer – White Rock, BC

This program takes the fear out of the equation landlord/owner & RTO/Tenants. Everyone Benefits! ~ Kathleen and Don Tarabas – Abbotsford BC

We’re approaching these seminars with the greatest of optimism and much enthusiasm. The basics as explained make the greatest of sense with the added bonus of “People Helping People” Thank You and so glad we followed up on your ad. ~ Mark Gunter/Hilary Schultz – West Vancouver, BC

A good presentation, support and follow up was good. I was interested immediately once hearing about this concept. ~ Colin McIntosh – Delta, BC

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