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How Much Time do You devote to your Real Estate Investments?

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to suck the life out of you. In fact; if it’s done properly you don’t even have to spend much time at it at all. Using a team and leveraging technology is a great way to keep your time manageable and working on the greater tasks at hand such as.. Looking for deals.

It really depends on how far you really want to take it. If it is your full time business. Well.. then you’ll be spending a lot more of your time doing things like finding JV partners, structuring real estate deals, setting up websites, networking, placing ads etc. But if you’re like the majority of investors out there you don’t have much time to spend on your business. Buying and selling homes is usually a side business for most.

By using simple systems and leveraging technology you really don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort managing your investments. Some of the ways to do this include:

- Using 800 Hotline systems allow you to automate prospecting and filtering out bad applicants.
- Using a lead capture website or a “Squeeze Page” is an effective way to generate leads.
- Use an autoresponder to be able to follow up with your prospects to keep them educated.
- Outsourcing the tedious tasks such as: call backs, appointment scheduling, sign installations etc.
- Using an automated property management system that sends invoices and receipts to tenants.

These are just some of the ways you automate your investing efforts. One of the keys to investing is to have a network or as I call it a Million Dollar Rolodex. Give the list of all your service providers to your tenants and have them call them directly. Rather than spending the time making the calls yourself and being inundated with needless tasks. For beginners this might not be an option. But when you have multiple properties it will make sense. Just be sure to negotiate the rates with your providers in advance and delegate certain responsibilities to them.

There are numerous ways to cut the hours you put into your investments. It just takes a little bit of set up, some education and a network that you can trust and rely on.

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Invigo Marketing Systems – New Video

Check out this video we just did. Pretty cool huh? post your feedback and let me know what you guys think.. Need a video like this? get in touch with us and we’ll hook u up..

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BC’S Housing Market Update October 2010

Check out Cameron Muir’s, (Chief Economist) of the BC Real Astate Association Podcast giving an update on the BC housing market.

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Choosing a Real Estate Investment Program. Things To Know..

Investing in real estate is not as easy as it sounds. You may hear of friends making amazing sums of money, turning a profit every time and attracting unbelievable rental income from their homes.

But, the truth is, when it comes to real estate investment, the risks and profits are directly proportional to knowledge. This is the difference between real estate investment and the stock market. In the latter, even education cannot guarantee success. On the other hand, real estate investment has a steep learning curve. So, to be successful in real estate, you need to invest more time and resources in it.

Anyone expecting to make steady returns from real estate investment must be willing to develop the necessary skills and expertise. Unfortunately, too many investors jump into the bandwagon thinking that they will learn as they go. If you’re one of them, know that you can earn good returns, but the stakes are certainly higher.

At any point of time, most major cities hold these seminars to guide prospective investors through the steep learning curve. Real estate investing seminars aim to dispense important and relevant information on real estate investments and associated issues. That is why attending real estate investing seminars is an excellent idea for those interested in real estate investment. Besides, real estate investing seminars offer a wonderful opportunity for investors to meet other investors in the same area.

Before you attend one of these seminars, it is important to know that the nature of these in-house discussion forums vary with the source offering the seminars. They may run the gamut from useless to helpful and from expensive to affordable. The best way to get value from these seminars is to attend a few reasonably priced ones. This will help new investors assess and evaluate the usefulness of these seminars.
When choosing a real estate investment seminar, keep the following factors in mind:

Cost: Be wary of seminars that cost too much or too little. Expensive seminars may not deliver the quality they promise. Free seminars may be sales pitches in disguise.

Size of the class: If you choose a free or low cost seminar, expect a large group. Such seminars need a large attendance to make them cost effective for the people holding the seminar. But a large attendance means that you will not be able to get the individual attention that you need.

Expertise: Although it is difficult to judge the expertise of a speaker before the seminar starts, reputed agencies generally deliver loads of information.

Refund policy: If it is legit, they will have a refund policy. Ask if they have a refund policy before you enroll.
A number of real estate investors make the folly of falling for extremes. Either they jump into real estate investment without any awareness of what it entails or they spend millions of dollars on education without investing any money in real estate. The right path to follow would be to learn a little and start taking action. Then learn more as you go along; because in real estate investment, you need to learn more to earn more!

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