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Invigo Marketing Systems Ltd was founded by Serial Entrepreneuar Bob Mangat  (Author of 3 Books – Income For Life For Canadian, the NO BS guide to Fixing your credit for Canadians and Foreclosure Home Buying Secrets, (Coming Soon Real Estate Marketing 3.0 ) to help support and educate aspiring real estate investors, agents, business owners marketing professionals on how to:

  1. Profit from buying real estate in their local communities and…
  2. Helping business owners profit from their online presence using joint ventures and outrageous marketing tactics.

In 2009-2010 Bob was responsible for taking his Company and ideas helping buy and sell over 250 Properties worth a total of $50 Million Plus.

Using his techniques and strategies he’s now sharing this information through his coaching programs, with other like minded business owners and real estate professionals. His brand new CIPA (Certified Independant Property Advisor) program to be launched in March 2011, is surely to revolutionize the way the independant real estate professionals, investors and small business owners markets their products and services.

Here’s just small sample of some of the brands Bob’s worked on on.

SEO Pro Marketing
Income For LIfe Real Estate Investing Systems
Rent 2 Own Housing
The Original Rent Back Direct System
Mangat Publishing Inc.
Invigo Marketing Systems Inc
Legendary Consultants Inc.
No B.S. Marketing Systems
No.B.S. Real Estate Investing
Travelbuys Online

And Many More…


Our Mission

  1. Our mission is pretty simple. We believe that if we help others get what they want it will in turn follow.  So we’re not worried about how we’re going to make money. We feel that if we do and love what we do then the money respect and prestige will follow.
  2. To provide and encourage Canadians to invest in their communities by Providing Home Ownership Opportunities to renters who want to own their own homes but for some reason cannot qualify for a mortgage.
  3. Providing the Best in Real estate education, marketing and training services throughout Canada and the United States.
  4. Provide the best in online and offline marketing strategies for all small business owners. (Real estate related or not)

About the Income For Life Membership (Our flagship product)

Income for Life is designed to help people add income streams through real estate investing. Our membership based program has helped hundreds of members acquire properties with an amazing return on their investment. Membership in IFL gives investors the edge in the Canadian real estate market.

Our simple and proven Rent to Own System is designed for Canadians interested in innovative and effective real estate investment strategies. We provide our members with individualized coaching for successful real estate investment in Canada. You will get support, education and personalized assistance throughout the transaction, beginning with locating an appropriate property for investment to finding a tenant and reselling the property.

The process begins with assistance in locating properties located in areas that are in demand. We provide services for negotiating the sale and manage the closing process, including working with lenders, appraisers, property inspectors and real estate attorneys. Investors generally prefer to put as little money down as possible on a property in order to reserve funds for future deals.

Wether it be structuring joint venture programs, leveraging your current investments to gain maximum profit from your current properties.  We do it all.  We’ve been around for a long time and know what it takes to invest in solid communities in your own local areas.

After you have purchased your first property, we continue to offer guidance and assistance in reselling the property and finding a tenant. The goal is to help you get out of the property and make a profit.  You will learn how to increase your rent to increase your income and we can help your tenant secure financing for a completely smooth transaction from beginning to end.

The Rent to Own Program involves renting your house to a tenant who will ultimately purchase the property from you. Finding tenants and renting a property is a time consuming process, but with our Tenant Placement Service, we take care of the details for you. We advertise your home, screen tenants, check references and present you with ah list to select your tenant. Then we collect the non refundable down payment and first month’s rent for you.

Membership offers a comprehensive range of benefits to the serious real estate investor looking for strategies to ensure success. After becoming a member, you will have access to audio interviews with expert real estate investors, our newsletter with a seminar in each issue, a weekly investment property hot list and access to our Million Dollar Rolodex. The Rolodex is a listing of top contractors, lenders, lawyers and accountants.

To learn more about our program, register for a free class to get more info on this program or apply online to get a one on one consultation with Bob. In the free Canadian Real Estate Training Class, you will discover the secrets to securing Income for Life through real estate investments. Register for a free class in your area on the website and download Bob Mangat’s free e-book Income for Life for Canadians.

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