Are Commissions the Only Concern?

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Using tact, care, and professionalism often leads real estate agents to higher commissions, better listings, and, above all, a constant and steady stream of new business. Not using these factors, or even taking into account their existence, leads real estate agents, as well as the business and office that they represent, down a dark and scary path – all the way to the unemployment line.

Are Commissions the Only Concern?

Agents must understand, without a doubt, that they are the face of their office and business. The bottom line may be a commission; however, without new clients of any sort, real estate agents are soon out in the cold. Former clients have long memories for how their real estate agent acted and treated them. Therefore, using the utmost care in handling every sale soon leads real estate agents to better places.

If not generating any new business is a priority, try the following:

  1. Bad personal hygiene – Wearing the same shirt day after day leads real estate agents to appear uncaring…and stinky. Not showering or shaving leads real estate agents to appear unemployed – because they soon are!
  2. Dressing casually or sloppily – Nothing leads real estate agents to scream ‘unprofessional’ faster than working in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. The same holds true if breakfast or lunch decorates the shirtfront, even if opting to ‘dress up’ for the day and wear professional attire. Combine either tactic with point above to chase clients away even faster.
  3. Work under the influence – Getting behind the wheel when either intoxicated or after using drugs not only leads real estate agents to an unemployment office, but can also lead to jail time and lawsuits.
  4. Reveal client information – This leads real estate agents (and their careers) decidedly downhill. Talking about personal and confidential information to anyone that will listen is a serious breach of trust.

Note: Doing this on the Internet via mass e-mail or a social network site also leads real estate agents to be terminated, sometimes even blacklisted, in a heartbeat.

  • Keep a messy work area – Piles of paperwork, notes, and other clutter leads real estate agents to look disorganized, and leads clients to fear for their safety. Co-workers and clients putting on helmets and hard hats before entering a workspace is generally considered a bad sign. If full HAZMAT gear is noticed, leave the office – quickly.
  • Have a different time frame – It may come as a surprise, but today’s world is busy, and when people carve out time for a showing or closing, strangely enough, they expect the agent to be on time as well.

It’s Not About The Agent

Even when dealing with difficult clients, it is important for the real estate agent to remember to use tact, care, and above all, to be professional. Finding an agent dressed sloppily, with a workstation auditioning for a county landfill, can be a death knell for someone that depends largely on word of mouth to advertise.

Remember, clients are there for a purpose, and looking to the agent to provide that purpose. In other words, what the agent wants doesn’t matter – it’s about them. The faster the agent remembers that, and treats clients with tact and care, the faster the agent will generate more leads, listings, and ultimately, commissions.

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