Augmented Reality and QR Codes

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Augmented Reality and QR Codes and how your business could take advantage of it.

QR codes and Augmented reality- the future of SEO?

For business owners who want to succeed on the internet staying on the cutting edge is essential. From those who got in early on the .com boom to those who spearheaded search engine optimization, when a game changer comes along that could potentially affect the way the internet does business, pragmatic marketers tend to notice.

Over the past year, 2 notable systems have been introduced to the market that are already making an impact on how we do business on the internet. They are QR codes and Augmented reality, and so far they’re expected to be the big hitters for IM and SEO over the next several years.

QR Codes- “QR” means Quick Response. They are small square pictures that can be read quickly by cell phones. When a cell phone takes video of the code is unravels the information within it and turns it into usable data. It allows users to obtain specific information about a product or service- such as a certain product’s website, or a pizza chain’s nearest location. They are also being used for movie trailers (imagine a small code on a movie poster), coupons, or even relevant information that cannot be summed up on a simple advertisement.

Google is already making a new indexing feature to accommodate QR codes and their widespread use in Asian is expected to hit full steam in the United States and other Western countries over the next two years.

When you use QR codes for your website the search engines consider them just as they would any other form of media. They will detect the new image when a user uses it (such as off a physical advertisement) and give your website more weight because of it. They will also index the abundance of material located within the QR codes themselves and weigh relevance for the amount of times they are activated by users.

Needless to say this affords huge opportunities for internet marketers as it’s the first step in taking online technology and applying it directly to the “outside world.”

Augmented reality- Much like QR codes this application also uses cell phone technology. The software takes live video of your surrounding area and superimposes local businesses on your viewfinder. If you’re searching for a dry cleaners for example, you will enter that into your search query, take a video of your present location, and all the shops within an appreciable distance will show up on your screen. You can also move in a circle and all the stores that are on Google maps (hint hint) will show up.

Augmented Reality is also being used for video games. Rather than having the video games map (for example) displayed by the phone itself, players can take video of a map that is located on a wall or on the ground and the character in the phone will interact with the map directly. The new technology is a great reason to get involved with social media marketing, Google maps, and even Yelp. The more reasons you give your potential customers to interact with your business the more likely they will want to do business with you personally.

We are currently using QR codes and Augmented Reality to market the services of our clients. To learn more about these potential game changers feel free to contact us anytime.

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