Real Estate Marketing – Telemarketing for Mortgage Leads

Real Estate Lead Generation: Using Telemarketing Mortgage Leads to Up your Results in a Down Market

Mortgage brokers seeking to stay on top in a down market need to find creative ways to generate new mortgage leads. One approach is to purchase lists of telemarketing mortgage leads from leads generation providers who specialize in residential real estate loans.

By purchasing telemarketing mortgage leads from these providers, a broker can potentially save valuable time and money. Many traditional forms of real estate lead generation are expensive and time consuming, and a broker spends countless hours weeding through thousands of bum leads before finding a “fresh” lead who wants to do business.

A good telemarketing mortgage leads list can help real estate brokers generate fresh mortgage leads without an excess investment of time and money. This is a crucial advantage in the current real estate market, where most brokers are stretched thin as they search for new customers while continuing to meet the needs of existing customers.

Telemarketing mortgage leads is a hands-free, person-to-person approach that can help expedite the pre-screening and pre-qualification process through “live person” phone calls made you’re your service provider’s outbound call center. An good telemarketing mortgage leads provider delivers only the pre-screened leads to the broker by transferring them directly to the broker’s office via phone, fax or email.

Telemarketing Mortgage Leads Providers

It is important to use a telemarketing mortgage leads provider that verifies and pre-qualifies new mortgage loan prospects according to the highest standards and criteria. Look for a provider that utilizes a system of quality control in order to weed out any non-qualifying loan or refinance leads before selling them to you. Also make sure they have a return policy for any non-viable leads they sell you that don’t meet the qualifying criteria.

Customize Your Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

Be careful to choose a telemarketing mortgage leads provider that will customize their screening and delivery methods to meet your needs. For example, once a good lead has been identified by your telemarketing call service, you can request that it be delivered directly to your phone as a “live transfer.” You can customize your telemarketing leads program so that qualified prospects are delivered to you daily or the next day for your immediate follow-up.

Shorten Your Closing Process

Phone calls are faster and more direct than most other forms of marketing and, therefore, results are faster. The real advantage of telemarketing mortgage leads over other forms of lead generation is that your qualified lead calls can be instantly delivered to you via telephone transfer so you can connect with your customer and complete the closing process in half the time it would have taken you through direct mail, advertising or Internet research

Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out how we can get your lead generation campaigns off to a rockin start.

PS. I just hired a consultant to handle our cold calling and telemarketing. I’ll send an update soon on our successes/challenges.

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Are Commissions the Only Concern?

Using tact, care, and professionalism often leads real estate agents to higher commissions, better listings, and, above all, a constant and steady stream of new business. Not using these factors, or even taking into account their existence, leads real estate agents, as well as the business and office that they represent, down a dark and scary path – all the way to the unemployment line.

Are Commissions the Only Concern?

Agents must understand, without a doubt, that they are the face of their office and business. The bottom line may be a commission; however, without new clients of any sort, real estate agents are soon out in the cold. Former clients have long memories for how their real estate agent acted and treated them. Therefore, using the utmost care in handling every sale soon leads real estate agents to better places.

If not generating any new business is a priority, try the following:

  1. Bad personal hygiene – Wearing the same shirt day after day leads real estate agents to appear uncaring…and stinky. Not showering or shaving leads real estate agents to appear unemployed – because they soon are!
  2. Dressing casually or sloppily – Nothing leads real estate agents to scream ‘unprofessional’ faster than working in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. The same holds true if breakfast or lunch decorates the shirtfront, even if opting to ‘dress up’ for the day and wear professional attire. Combine either tactic with point above to chase clients away even faster.
  3. Work under the influence – Getting behind the wheel when either intoxicated or after using drugs not only leads real estate agents to an unemployment office, but can also lead to jail time and lawsuits.
  4. Reveal client information – This leads real estate agents (and their careers) decidedly downhill. Talking about personal and confidential information to anyone that will listen is a serious breach of trust.

Note: Doing this on the Internet via mass e-mail or a social network site also leads real estate agents to be terminated, sometimes even blacklisted, in a heartbeat.

  • Keep a messy work area – Piles of paperwork, notes, and other clutter leads real estate agents to look disorganized, and leads clients to fear for their safety. Co-workers and clients putting on helmets and hard hats before entering a workspace is generally considered a bad sign. If full HAZMAT gear is noticed, leave the office – quickly.
  • Have a different time frame – It may come as a surprise, but today’s world is busy, and when people carve out time for a showing or closing, strangely enough, they expect the agent to be on time as well.

It’s Not About The Agent

Even when dealing with difficult clients, it is important for the real estate agent to remember to use tact, care, and above all, to be professional. Finding an agent dressed sloppily, with a workstation auditioning for a county landfill, can be a death knell for someone that depends largely on word of mouth to advertise.

Remember, clients are there for a purpose, and looking to the agent to provide that purpose. In other words, what the agent wants doesn’t matter – it’s about them. The faster the agent remembers that, and treats clients with tact and care, the faster the agent will generate more leads, listings, and ultimately, commissions.

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E-Commerce Workshop on March 12th, 2011

Invigo launches brand New E-commerce/ Internet marketing workshop for small business owners. The event will be held on march 12th and the location will be provided once registered.

Check out (for a crazy video on social media and how it’s impacting us right now).

We’re seriously limiting it to 25 business owners so register early.

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Real Estate Marketing – Considering Community Service to Boost Leads

To generate more real estate buyer leads, consider becoming an active member of the community where the sales are listed. Many benefits come from community service and getting out among fellow neighbors, including the following:

  • Increased exposure for real estate buyer leads
  • A feeling of trust
  • Mutual respect and goodwill
  • Friendship and camaraderie

It goes without saying that potential real estate buyer leads come from the same community in which houses are listed; therefore, an agent attempting to increase their base of potential leads would be well served in becoming active in their community.

Opportunities in the Community

Numerous opportunities exist for one to become active in the community, including but not limited to:

  1. Places of Worship – A community unto itself, these places provide warmth, interaction, and fellowship. Becoming involved in one as an usher, member of the choir, or joining a bible study group can easily generate a real estate buyer lead.
  2. Public Service – Consider running for the local city council or board of trustees, or even a school board position. Public servants have long been seen as respected members of a community, and potential real estate buyer leads may come in droves to one seen as a respected member of the community.
  3. Community Center Classes – Offer to teach a class about the mechanics of buying and selling a home at the community center, and the number of potential real estate buyer leads will increase. People are often daunted and confused about the process, and will welcome the opinion of an actual agent to help them.
  4. Community Events – Any event where the community gathers, such as a farmer’s market, local “cleanup day”, barbecue, or community festival can become a place to generate real estate buyer leads. Talk to those in charge about having a booth at one, or simply walk among the crowd with business cards and brochures at the ready.

Build Trust And Friendship

Real estate buyer leads can be greatly increased in deciding to not only list, buy, and sell homes within the community, but in becoming an active, long-term supporter and member of that community in any of the organizations listed above. Once trust and camaraderie are established, those that know the agent are more likely to call and refer others…leading to an even bigger increase in real estate buyer leads through word of mouth.

Becoming an active member of the community shows that an agent is interested in more than just the number of potential real estate buyer leads. It shows that the agent is concerned about not just their listings, but the people occupying those listings. Building trust and friendship with neighbors and members of that community makes it more likely that they will knock on the door when they need help…especially when selling their home, or looking at other property to purchase.

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Three Ways to Purchase Foreclosed Properties

Depending on where you live and how familiar you are with the foreclosure process will determine how you view purchasing a foreclosed home. To some people it is attending an auction and making a bid and to others it is negotiating a sale with the bank, who now owns the foreclosed property. In reality there are three ways that a foreclosed property can be purchased, and each one has its benefits and drawbacks.

The first one is the preforeclosure sale. There are times when you find out a home is going to be foreclosed upon, and at this point you can offer to buy it from the current owners. Here you can possibly do the most good, since the current owners will be able to control the damage to their credit a bit better and the banks usually like to get out from under the loan amount. The catch is that you usually have to pay what is owed on the property. A related method is the short sale, which is where you offer to buy the home below the loan amount and the bank agrees to sell it at a loss to avoid the expense of foreclosure or repossession. The problem with short sales is that the current owners could find a way to become current on their loan or the bank could change its mind and not sell for that price or any other detail could go wrong and cancel the sale.

After the home is foreclosed upon it may go up for public auction. In many places, purchasing a home this way is rarely as easy as it seems. First the rules of the auction usually keep many homes from being a bargain; they must be sold for at least a dollar over what is owed. Second, to hold the home to find financing usually requires a large deposit and then actually finding financing can be difficult. In some local markets, the auctioned property can come with liens that you are now responsible for. Be sure to know what your local laws are before purchasing an auctioned property.

The safest way to purchase foreclosed properties is to negotiate with the bank directly. There are many circumstances that the bank can sell the property directly or with the help of a real estate agent. Here the bank can agree to sell the property at a small loss or at costs, which could save you thousands. If the bank is selling as is or sight unseen, be sure to do your homework and learn as much as possible about the property in question. Otherwise, you may be stuck footing the bill for a damaged interior and cutting into or losing any potential profits completely.

As you can see entering into the investment market is not for the faint of heart, but for the brave, there are deals to be found and profits to be made. Be sure to hire the proper professionals, such as a real estate attorney or tax professional, and do your homework so you know what you are purchasing. This way your investments are more likely to turn to gold.

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Can you really buy a home with little or No Money Down?

This question comes up a lot for me from some my clients. And the question is yes and no. You have to be creative. Institutional lenders as far as I know and at the date that I’ve printed this have stopped offering 100% financing for properties.

In the past you were able to walk in to a bank and even get 105% financing. Meaning you can get a mortgage for the full price of the property, plus 5% cash back to help you out with the closing costs.

Many of my members had taken advantage of this program which allowed them to get into the real estate game. Things have changed.

You can pretty much get into a real estate deal if you and the seller agree to the terms. You just need to be creative and persistent some times. Some brief examples could be:

- Find a seller that may be desperate. You could take over their payments or ask them to do a Vendor take back (VTB). Remember you may need to get an approval for the mortgage transfer. check with a broker.
- Use a promissory note in lieu of your down payment to the seller.
- Ask the seller to do a lease option. This works better in a buyer’s market where the listing volumes is higher than normal.
- You could try a purchase option where you ask the seller to sell them the home to you for payment in the future.
- An agreement for sale or the right to purchase.
- Trade something as part of your down payment if it’s valuable enough.
- The list could go on and on..

The above are some examples and are really limited to your imagination. If the seller and buyer agree on the terms and conditions then that’s all that really matters. Remember to make it a win win situation for all parties involved and check with a legal advisor prior to entering into any agreements.

You should always look for a property that has the potential for profit. Don’t just pick up a piece of property because you want to get in the real estate game. Do your due diligence and find a network you can bounce and share ideas with.


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New Income For LIfe Center – Video Overview

Just wanted to get you up to speed on the progress and i’m please to say that by this Friday the 5th, you will all have your login + passwords to be able to get into the new system. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak of what’s to come.

If you have any comments or suggestion please leave them below. Much appreciated.

Talk soon.. Bob

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How Much Time do You devote to your Real Estate Investments?

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to suck the life out of you. In fact; if it’s done properly you don’t even have to spend much time at it at all. Using a team and leveraging technology is a great way to keep your time manageable and working on the greater tasks at hand such as.. Looking for deals.

It really depends on how far you really want to take it. If it is your full time business. Well.. then you’ll be spending a lot more of your time doing things like finding JV partners, structuring real estate deals, setting up websites, networking, placing ads etc. But if you’re like the majority of investors out there you don’t have much time to spend on your business. Buying and selling homes is usually a side business for most.

By using simple systems and leveraging technology you really don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort managing your investments. Some of the ways to do this include:

- Using 800 Hotline systems allow you to automate prospecting and filtering out bad applicants.
- Using a lead capture website or a “Squeeze Page” is an effective way to generate leads.
- Use an autoresponder to be able to follow up with your prospects to keep them educated.
- Outsourcing the tedious tasks such as: call backs, appointment scheduling, sign installations etc.
- Using an automated property management system that sends invoices and receipts to tenants.

These are just some of the ways you automate your investing efforts. One of the keys to investing is to have a network or as I call it a Million Dollar Rolodex. Give the list of all your service providers to your tenants and have them call them directly. Rather than spending the time making the calls yourself and being inundated with needless tasks. For beginners this might not be an option. But when you have multiple properties it will make sense. Just be sure to negotiate the rates with your providers in advance and delegate certain responsibilities to them.

There are numerous ways to cut the hours you put into your investments. It just takes a little bit of set up, some education and a network that you can trust and rely on.

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Invigo Marketing Systems – New Video

Check out this video we just did. Pretty cool huh? post your feedback and let me know what you guys think.. Need a video like this? get in touch with us and we’ll hook u up..

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BC’S Housing Market Update October 2010

Check out Cameron Muir’s, (Chief Economist) of the BC Real Astate Association Podcast giving an update on the BC housing market.

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