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Rock, Paper, Scissors…Electronics?

It is by far the common goal of every real estate agent to generate a constant, ever-changing, and steady flow of real estate sales leads. For most agents, this once meant a time consuming and fairly labor intensive process of tasks such as cold calling, in addition to sending out mass mailings. It meant taking time away from those tasks if more drastic measures were necessary, such as handing out business cards or going door-to-door to gain business.

Technology Makes Life Easier

However, with the advent of the internet, and advances in technology that have linked people worldwide, agents can now generate real estate sales leads through other means, including those that do not require massive and sometimes non-renewable resources.

Consider the following when trying to generate any real estate sales leads:

1. Mass e-mail – instead of sending out hundreds of paper letters to potential real estate sales leads, do the same thing electronically, thereby saving resources as well as time, since the letters will reach the recipients in a matter of minutes.

2. Blog – Having a real estate blog is a great asset in generating real estate sales leads. Don’t try to publish everything – visitors will become confused, and leave quickly. Publish a few bits of relative content, and keep it updated regularly.

3. Websites – The Internet can be advantageous in generating potential real estate sales leads, especially for agents. Numerous websites offer advice, listings, and other resources that were once impossible to come by.

4. Search Engines – Search Engines are by far the best way to become noticed on the Internet. Blogs and search engines can go hand in hand, as by keeping relative content on the blog, it will be noticed by more search engines, and thus more real estate sales leads.

5. Social Networking Sites – Usually frowned upon in terms of the working world (it has been known to cause some issues for businesses), sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn can be a great asset to agents looking to generate real estate sales leads. Promotion on social networking sites, used in a positive manner and with professionalism, can only benefit an agent.

Go Green to Attract Clients

Going “green”, once considered a radical concept popular to only a few, has become a worldwide movement. It is now considered gauche to use paper as though it was going out of style, as well as to use the resource of gasoline driving around a neighborhood with what might be a fruitless purpose (e.g. looking for real estate sales leads that might not materialize.)

Using technology and other “green” means to reach potential real estate sales leads is not only a concept that will aide the world, but will make an agent infinitely popular to any potential clients. Showing a willingness to advertise and promote via paperless methods, as well as a concern for both the environment and the world surrounding everyone, will help those clients to see the agent as someone willing not only to help the world, but to help them as well.

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Real Estate Marketing – Considering Community Service to Boost Leads

To generate more real estate buyer leads, consider becoming an active member of the community where the sales are listed. Many benefits come from community service and getting out among fellow neighbors, including the following:

  • Increased exposure for real estate buyer leads
  • A feeling of trust
  • Mutual respect and goodwill
  • Friendship and camaraderie

It goes without saying that potential real estate buyer leads come from the same community in which houses are listed; therefore, an agent attempting to increase their base of potential leads would be well served in becoming active in their community.

Opportunities in the Community

Numerous opportunities exist for one to become active in the community, including but not limited to:

  1. Places of Worship – A community unto itself, these places provide warmth, interaction, and fellowship. Becoming involved in one as an usher, member of the choir, or joining a bible study group can easily generate a real estate buyer lead.
  2. Public Service – Consider running for the local city council or board of trustees, or even a school board position. Public servants have long been seen as respected members of a community, and potential real estate buyer leads may come in droves to one seen as a respected member of the community.
  3. Community Center Classes – Offer to teach a class about the mechanics of buying and selling a home at the community center, and the number of potential real estate buyer leads will increase. People are often daunted and confused about the process, and will welcome the opinion of an actual agent to help them.
  4. Community Events – Any event where the community gathers, such as a farmer’s market, local “cleanup day”, barbecue, or community festival can become a place to generate real estate buyer leads. Talk to those in charge about having a booth at one, or simply walk among the crowd with business cards and brochures at the ready.

Build Trust And Friendship

Real estate buyer leads can be greatly increased in deciding to not only list, buy, and sell homes within the community, but in becoming an active, long-term supporter and member of that community in any of the organizations listed above. Once trust and camaraderie are established, those that know the agent are more likely to call and refer others…leading to an even bigger increase in real estate buyer leads through word of mouth.

Becoming an active member of the community shows that an agent is interested in more than just the number of potential real estate buyer leads. It shows that the agent is concerned about not just their listings, but the people occupying those listings. Building trust and friendship with neighbors and members of that community makes it more likely that they will knock on the door when they need help…especially when selling their home, or looking at other property to purchase.

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