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Rock, Paper, Scissors…Electronics?

It is by far the common goal of every real estate agent to generate a constant, ever-changing, and steady flow of real estate sales leads. For most agents, this once meant a time consuming and fairly labor intensive process of tasks such as cold calling, in addition to sending out mass mailings. It meant taking time away from those tasks if more drastic measures were necessary, such as handing out business cards or going door-to-door to gain business.

Technology Makes Life Easier

However, with the advent of the internet, and advances in technology that have linked people worldwide, agents can now generate real estate sales leads through other means, including those that do not require massive and sometimes non-renewable resources.

Consider the following when trying to generate any real estate sales leads:

1. Mass e-mail – instead of sending out hundreds of paper letters to potential real estate sales leads, do the same thing electronically, thereby saving resources as well as time, since the letters will reach the recipients in a matter of minutes.

2. Blog – Having a real estate blog is a great asset in generating real estate sales leads. Don’t try to publish everything – visitors will become confused, and leave quickly. Publish a few bits of relative content, and keep it updated regularly.

3. Websites – The Internet can be advantageous in generating potential real estate sales leads, especially for agents. Numerous websites offer advice, listings, and other resources that were once impossible to come by.

4. Search Engines – Search Engines are by far the best way to become noticed on the Internet. Blogs and search engines can go hand in hand, as by keeping relative content on the blog, it will be noticed by more search engines, and thus more real estate sales leads.

5. Social Networking Sites – Usually frowned upon in terms of the working world (it has been known to cause some issues for businesses), sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn can be a great asset to agents looking to generate real estate sales leads. Promotion on social networking sites, used in a positive manner and with professionalism, can only benefit an agent.

Go Green to Attract Clients

Going “green”, once considered a radical concept popular to only a few, has become a worldwide movement. It is now considered gauche to use paper as though it was going out of style, as well as to use the resource of gasoline driving around a neighborhood with what might be a fruitless purpose (e.g. looking for real estate sales leads that might not materialize.)

Using technology and other “green” means to reach potential real estate sales leads is not only a concept that will aide the world, but will make an agent infinitely popular to any potential clients. Showing a willingness to advertise and promote via paperless methods, as well as a concern for both the environment and the world surrounding everyone, will help those clients to see the agent as someone willing not only to help the world, but to help them as well.

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E-Commerce Workshop on March 12th, 2011

Invigo launches brand New E-commerce/ Internet marketing workshop for small business owners. The event will be held on march 12th and the location will be provided once registered.

Check out (for a crazy video on social media and how it’s impacting us right now).

We’re seriously limiting it to 25 business owners so register early.

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Can you really buy a home with little or No Money Down?

This question comes up a lot for me from some my clients. And the question is yes and no. You have to be creative. Institutional lenders as far as I know and at the date that I’ve printed this have stopped offering 100% financing for properties.

In the past you were able to walk in to a bank and even get 105% financing. Meaning you can get a mortgage for the full price of the property, plus 5% cash back to help you out with the closing costs.

Many of my members had taken advantage of this program which allowed them to get into the real estate game. Things have changed.

You can pretty much get into a real estate deal if you and the seller agree to the terms. You just need to be creative and persistent some times. Some brief examples could be:

- Find a seller that may be desperate. You could take over their payments or ask them to do a Vendor take back (VTB). Remember you may need to get an approval for the mortgage transfer. check with a broker.
- Use a promissory note in lieu of your down payment to the seller.
- Ask the seller to do a lease option. This works better in a buyer’s market where the listing volumes is higher than normal.
- You could try a purchase option where you ask the seller to sell them the home to you for payment in the future.
- An agreement for sale or the right to purchase.
- Trade something as part of your down payment if it’s valuable enough.
- The list could go on and on..

The above are some examples and are really limited to your imagination. If the seller and buyer agree on the terms and conditions then that’s all that really matters. Remember to make it a win win situation for all parties involved and check with a legal advisor prior to entering into any agreements.

You should always look for a property that has the potential for profit. Don’t just pick up a piece of property because you want to get in the real estate game. Do your due diligence and find a network you can bounce and share ideas with.


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New Income For LIfe Center – Video Overview

Just wanted to get you up to speed on the progress and i’m please to say that by this Friday the 5th, you will all have your login + passwords to be able to get into the new system. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak of what’s to come.

If you have any comments or suggestion please leave them below. Much appreciated.

Talk soon.. Bob

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How Much Time do You devote to your Real Estate Investments?

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to suck the life out of you. In fact; if it’s done properly you don’t even have to spend much time at it at all. Using a team and leveraging technology is a great way to keep your time manageable and working on the greater tasks at hand such as.. Looking for deals.

It really depends on how far you really want to take it. If it is your full time business. Well.. then you’ll be spending a lot more of your time doing things like finding JV partners, structuring real estate deals, setting up websites, networking, placing ads etc. But if you’re like the majority of investors out there you don’t have much time to spend on your business. Buying and selling homes is usually a side business for most.

By using simple systems and leveraging technology you really don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort managing your investments. Some of the ways to do this include:

- Using 800 Hotline systems allow you to automate prospecting and filtering out bad applicants.
- Using a lead capture website or a “Squeeze Page” is an effective way to generate leads.
- Use an autoresponder to be able to follow up with your prospects to keep them educated.
- Outsourcing the tedious tasks such as: call backs, appointment scheduling, sign installations etc.
- Using an automated property management system that sends invoices and receipts to tenants.

These are just some of the ways you automate your investing efforts. One of the keys to investing is to have a network or as I call it a Million Dollar Rolodex. Give the list of all your service providers to your tenants and have them call them directly. Rather than spending the time making the calls yourself and being inundated with needless tasks. For beginners this might not be an option. But when you have multiple properties it will make sense. Just be sure to negotiate the rates with your providers in advance and delegate certain responsibilities to them.

There are numerous ways to cut the hours you put into your investments. It just takes a little bit of set up, some education and a network that you can trust and rely on.

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BC’S Housing Market Update October 2010

Check out Cameron Muir’s, (Chief Economist) of the BC Real Astate Association Podcast giving an update on the BC housing market.

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Choosing a Real Estate Investment Program. Things To Know..

Investing in real estate is not as easy as it sounds. You may hear of friends making amazing sums of money, turning a profit every time and attracting unbelievable rental income from their homes.

But, the truth is, when it comes to real estate investment, the risks and profits are directly proportional to knowledge. This is the difference between real estate investment and the stock market. In the latter, even education cannot guarantee success. On the other hand, real estate investment has a steep learning curve. So, to be successful in real estate, you need to invest more time and resources in it.

Anyone expecting to make steady returns from real estate investment must be willing to develop the necessary skills and expertise. Unfortunately, too many investors jump into the bandwagon thinking that they will learn as they go. If you’re one of them, know that you can earn good returns, but the stakes are certainly higher.

At any point of time, most major cities hold these seminars to guide prospective investors through the steep learning curve. Real estate investing seminars aim to dispense important and relevant information on real estate investments and associated issues. That is why attending real estate investing seminars is an excellent idea for those interested in real estate investment. Besides, real estate investing seminars offer a wonderful opportunity for investors to meet other investors in the same area.

Before you attend one of these seminars, it is important to know that the nature of these in-house discussion forums vary with the source offering the seminars. They may run the gamut from useless to helpful and from expensive to affordable. The best way to get value from these seminars is to attend a few reasonably priced ones. This will help new investors assess and evaluate the usefulness of these seminars.
When choosing a real estate investment seminar, keep the following factors in mind:

Cost: Be wary of seminars that cost too much or too little. Expensive seminars may not deliver the quality they promise. Free seminars may be sales pitches in disguise.

Size of the class: If you choose a free or low cost seminar, expect a large group. Such seminars need a large attendance to make them cost effective for the people holding the seminar. But a large attendance means that you will not be able to get the individual attention that you need.

Expertise: Although it is difficult to judge the expertise of a speaker before the seminar starts, reputed agencies generally deliver loads of information.

Refund policy: If it is legit, they will have a refund policy. Ask if they have a refund policy before you enroll.
A number of real estate investors make the folly of falling for extremes. Either they jump into real estate investment without any awareness of what it entails or they spend millions of dollars on education without investing any money in real estate. The right path to follow would be to learn a little and start taking action. Then learn more as you go along; because in real estate investment, you need to learn more to earn more!

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Real Profits Workshop and Conference

goto to get more info..



Register Now for the LIVE Webinar event on July 13th, 2010

“Real Profits” Webinar Reveals the Secrets of Making Big Money Investing in Real Estate!

Register now for our upcoming Real Profits” Webinar. By filling out this form you will be redirected to our seminar sign up page. or go there now at

Contact Information
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Dear Invigo,

Thank you for finding me a beautiful property in Sunshine Coast, good tenants and good cashflows! When I heard about your “rent to own” system in June this year, I am really thrilled about the whole win-win-win situation. Invigo has taken out the guesswork for investors. Invigo has done all the work for investors and all investors have to do are to come up with the down payment, sign lots of documents and go deposit the rental checks every month. I have joined other real estate investment clubs before but none has come close compared to what Invigo offers members. Other clubs have provided the education part, but at the end of the day we all want to buy properties and have the peace of mind that we are buying the right properties and the right tenants. In this regard, Invigo not only educates its members but further have helped members getting properties. I have bought my first property with Invigo in November and I have had very pleasant experience working with Juliet Sullivan. Juliet is very professional, always keeps me updated and hold my hand along the way. Thank you, Juliet! I will recommend Invigo to my friends and the people who want to invest in real estate. Remember we buy and then wait, not wait to buy. Thank you Homvestors and I look forward to buying many more with you! ~ Nadia C. Langley, BC

P.S. Remember we are limited on the number of home buyers who can attend this special FREE Real Estate Investing Class. Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Very educational and influential on how to invest with little money out of pocket and describes how to get ahead for financial freedom. ~ Praveen Singh – Surrey, BC
This appears to be a win/win program ~ Eve Weimer – White Rock, BC

This program takes the fear out of the equation landlord/owner & RTO/Tenants. Everyone Benefits! ~ Kathleen and Don Tarabas – Abbotsford BC

We’re approaching these seminars with the greatest of optimism and much enthusiasm. The basics as explained make the greatest of sense with the added bonus of “People Helping People” Thank You and so glad we followed up on your ad. ~ Mark Gunter/Hilary Schultz – West Vancouver, BC

A good presentation, support and follow up was good. I was interested immediately once hearing about this concept. ~ Colin McIntosh – Delta, BC

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BC Foreclosure Process

The Foreclosure Process In British Columbia, Canada

There are many clearly defined steps involved in the foreclosure process in British Columbia, Canada. If a mortgage holder in this province becomes seriously delinquent in his payments on the loan, the foreclosure process may be initiated by the original lender. Below, the basic steps involved in the actual foreclosure process are outlined in greater detail.Vancouver, Canada Foreclosure .

Step One: Demand Letter

To initiate the foreclosure process, the lender mails a letter to the borrower informing them that the balance of the mortgage is now due in full due to delinquency. This letter will inform the borrower of the total amount of the remaining balance of the original loan, and the period of time that is available to make payment. This shortened period of the terms of the mortgage is referred to as the “acceleration” of the mortgage.

Step Two: Petition

A petition is filed by the lender with the British Columbia Supreme Court registry. Henceforth, the lender is referred to as the “petitioner,” and the borrower and other charge holders on the mortgage are referred to as the “respondents.”

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Facing Foreclosure?

New Rent Back Direct Program Solves the need to move when facing foreclosureforeclosure.

The economic trouble is widening on a worldwide scale and Canada is feeling the sting like all other countries. Many people are losing their jobs for whatever reason, resulting in the inability to meet financial obligations. Foreclosures are taking place all around us. Canada’s central bank has warned that many Canadians may be facing foreclosure proceeding in the the next year and that this will cause a tightening of credit extensions. If you should find yourself in this position there are thing you need to know to help avoid losing your property.

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