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Tips on Buying Arizona Real Estate

Tips on Buying Arizona Real Estate

Anyone going through the process of buying Arizona real estate is likely to become stressed over the complexities of the entire ordeal. There are a few things which you can keep in mind to make the transaction a bit smoother, however.arizona real estate for canadiansFirst, do your research on the property before you make an offer. This may seem like an obvious bit of advice, but you’d be surprised to find out how many people don’t know certain details regarding the property they are dumping their life savings into. Seemingly little things like who owns mineral rights can turn into major issues if something valuable can suddenly be mined from the property.Next, take a look at the county tax records on the properties you are interested in before buying Arizona real estate. While back taxes are commonly discovered during the closing process, you could be hundreds of dollars in attorney fees into this process before they are noticed. The best thing to do is be your own advocate and figure out what is owed on the property before you find out if you want it or not. You may determine that the house or land is worth buying, even if taxes are owed on it. Typically, it is the seller’s responsibility to pay the taxes, unless a legal agreement is made to state otherwise. You should try to get the seller to settle their own tax bill, since it is their responsibility.

Find out who owns the neighboring lots if they are vacant. This information can usually be obtained from county records or the town clerk. Getting an idea of who owns what can help you decide if there are going to be any building springing up anytime soon on a neighboring lot. If a corporation owns some land next door, for instance, this is could be an indication that they might be looking to expand into your backyard. You should also look at a tax map to see how big lot sizes are, since buildings can only be constructed on certain lot sizes in most towns without a special variance which gives permission to build on smaller plots of land.

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New Real Estate Leads? But what About the Old ones?

Real estate leads can be (and usually are) the lifeblood of the business, as very few potential buyers and sellers pull out the phone book to play “Real Estate Roulette” when choosing to list their house.  Even when they end up needing or soliciting advice from an agent, those that need the agent’s services are more likely to call when given their number by a friend, neighbor, or relative, or going online to start their research very early on in the process.

Get New Leads…

Real estate leads are generated in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Cold calling – calling those that have not solicited services and asking whether they are interested in listing or thinking about selling/buying a home.
  • Mass mailing – sending out letters en masse to just about every homeowner in the community, asking them to contact the office if they are thinking about buying or selling.
  • Mass e-mail – along the same lines as cold-calling and mass-mailing, but less paper intensive, as it is done via the Internet.
  • Referral – Also known as word of mouth, this is likely should the agent exhibit trust, respect, and care in handling each individual client’s listing. Simply put, people tell other people about the great job that was done, and voila! Another client is walking through the door.
  • Online Lead Generation methods including facebook and google adwords.  Pay Per click.
  • Search engine optimization and Social media marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Landing page optimization and more..

…But Keep Up With The Old

There comes a time when new real estate leads is no longer ‘new’. This does not mean that the finish has worn off, or the relationship is no longer necessary; however, in the constant need for self-promotion, often real estate leads that are no longer new become “forgotten” before they have a chance to become “old”.

Keeping up with old(er) real estate leads does not have to be time consuming. Consider the following:

  • Christmas Cards – Everyone likes to be remembered.
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Contests – Engage the client
  • Thank you notes – at the very least, thank them for any referrals!
  • Mass e-mails, letters, or a blog
  • Personal phone calls.

Don’t be afraid to keep up with those “old” real estate leads! They were, after all, once quite direct sources of business, and chances are they will continue to be sources of business for as long as possible. When once again they have real estate needs, they will remember the agent that handled their business with care and respect. They will remember the agent that made them feel special and cared for.

Even when old real estate leads do not have real estate needs, they will happily tell others about the agent that was kind enough to do these things for them, including handling their listing with care and respect, and thus will (most likely) end up generating more real estate leads for the agent. Take the time to keep up with those that haven’t needed a real estate agent lately – at the very least it will keep a name fresh in their mind.

If you are looking for “Real” internet marketing strategies from a company that knows the business inside and out who has been generating leads online for over 12 years then give us a shout.  We’d be happy to discuss your business further.


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Invigo Marketing Systems Releases New Certification For Real Estate Industry



Invigo Marketing Systems Gives Real Estate Professionals $30,000 in Added Revenue with Their New Certified Investment Property Advisor Program

Contact: Bob Mangat
Phone: 1(877) 575-9008

March 31st, 2011

In response to the recent demand for additional income for real estate professionals, Bob Mangat and Invigo Marketing Systems in announcing the release of their “Certified Investment Property Advisor” CIPA program.

The exclusive program accepts one real estate agent from a given area and helps them initiate their own services under the umbrella of the Invigo Corporation. Invigo handles all aspects of each professional’s personal campaign including lead generation for prospective clients, meeting logistics, online syndication to their target audience, newsletters, and essentially everything that is required to generate, sell, and collect.

According to Bob Mangat, who has already seen unprecedented success with his program, real estate investors, agents and mortgage professionals from every conceivable niche and any geographical location can consistently make $30,000 in extra income per month by using this method: “Last year I worked an average of 25 hours a week and I accumulated more than 1.2 million in gross commissions. It takes hard work and dedication to get it started, but once it is up and running it is extremely lucrative.”

Having been in the real estate field since 2002, Bob has made a reputation for himself as one of the most forward-thinking real estate professionals in Canada. Piggybacking off his success as a local realtor, Bob began mentoring investors, his fellow agents, and those meetings eventually lead to his online presence which offers books, seminars, and tutorials for all aspects of real estate marketing and investing.

The CIPA program has been the natural next step in the evolution of this process and so far it has been met with rave reviews from the real estate community. For Mark Sanchez, who has seen his own level of success in real estate, the CIPA system has propelled his career into aspects of real estate marketing that he didn’t even know existed: “The unique thing about this program is that it allows real estate professionals various ‘income streams.’ Rather than relying on just one method, Bob and his team take an approach that tackles all the lucrative aspects of real estate investing and marketing.  They show you their entire business model, show you how to duplicate it quickly, and actually help you run it as your own personal business. A partner of mine put it perfectly when he said it feels like Invigo is running a successful business under your name and giving you the profits.”

So far the program has attracted some notable names in the real estate industry and it is expected to fill to capacity within the next several weeks. To learn more about the CIPA program and how you can lock in a very lucrative spot visit:


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Invigo Marketing Systems Launches Local Real Estate Marketing Services

Invigo Marketing Systems is announcing the release of their new proprietary Real Estate Marketing program designed to help Canadian Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and other real estate profressionals more effectively market their services.


March 28th, 2011

According to a recent study, the demand for effective means of allocating business for real estate industry professionals is increasing at an exponential rate. With the recent downturn in the economy many Canadian real estate professionals are reeling, struggling to get a piece of the comparatively smaller pool currently available in the real estate market.

Research shows that there are two very different types of real estate agents in the current economic environment; those who get business easily and those that struggle just to stay afloat. The core of their differences usually comes in the form of differing marketing strategies, with those being successful acquiring steady leads and turning them into consistent conversions.

This simple difference between the two is the basis for Invigo Marketing System’s new program. Bob Mangat, who has personally perfected marketing systems in various economic climates comments: “Being in the real estate business for over 12 years I’ve seen first hand how agents spend their money on useless advertising that doesn’t get results. I started this business to prevent other real estate professionals from making these same mistakes, and to help them generate leads that will more consistently convert into buyers and sellers. Not only do we show them how to get optimal exposure, but we personally consult with them so they are actually making money from their efforts.”

Perhaps this is the biggest selling point for Invigo’s new program- Participants are assisted though every phase of the marketing process. They are provided with resources, education, coaching, and they are even shown how to utilize on and offline avenues to drive in a steady stream of clientele. The basis of the program is to show real estate agents how to seamlessly tie in every aspect of their business to get the most results possible from their efforts.

So far the program has received rave reviews from all those who have used it. It gives hope to real estate industry professionals who have been looking for new ways to attract business and shows them that it is still possible to make a significant amount of money in the Canadian real estate market. To learn more about this program please visit:

Contact Information:
Invigo Marketing Systems
Bob Mangat
Tel: 604-575-9008

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New Income For LIfe Center – Video Overview

Just wanted to get you up to speed on the progress and i’m please to say that by this Friday the 5th, you will all have your login + passwords to be able to get into the new system. Check out the video below to get a sneak peak of what’s to come.

If you have any comments or suggestion please leave them below. Much appreciated.

Talk soon.. Bob

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How Much Time do You devote to your Real Estate Investments?

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to suck the life out of you. In fact; if it’s done properly you don’t even have to spend much time at it at all. Using a team and leveraging technology is a great way to keep your time manageable and working on the greater tasks at hand such as.. Looking for deals.

It really depends on how far you really want to take it. If it is your full time business. Well.. then you’ll be spending a lot more of your time doing things like finding JV partners, structuring real estate deals, setting up websites, networking, placing ads etc. But if you’re like the majority of investors out there you don’t have much time to spend on your business. Buying and selling homes is usually a side business for most.

By using simple systems and leveraging technology you really don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort managing your investments. Some of the ways to do this include:

- Using 800 Hotline systems allow you to automate prospecting and filtering out bad applicants.
- Using a lead capture website or a “Squeeze Page” is an effective way to generate leads.
- Use an autoresponder to be able to follow up with your prospects to keep them educated.
- Outsourcing the tedious tasks such as: call backs, appointment scheduling, sign installations etc.
- Using an automated property management system that sends invoices and receipts to tenants.

These are just some of the ways you automate your investing efforts. One of the keys to investing is to have a network or as I call it a Million Dollar Rolodex. Give the list of all your service providers to your tenants and have them call them directly. Rather than spending the time making the calls yourself and being inundated with needless tasks. For beginners this might not be an option. But when you have multiple properties it will make sense. Just be sure to negotiate the rates with your providers in advance and delegate certain responsibilities to them.

There are numerous ways to cut the hours you put into your investments. It just takes a little bit of set up, some education and a network that you can trust and rely on.

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