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Valuable Insights Into Various Vancouver Real Estate Leads

Valuable Insights Into Various Vancouver Real Estate Leads

Cultivating qualified real estate leads in Vancouver requires adherence to a few fundamental principles. Like all commercial endeavors within any industry or geographic locale, successful Vancouver realty operations share a common characteristic: effective marketing. The Following are some effective strategies to spread the word about all your wonderful service offerings:

Allied networking

Position yourself for frequent contact with bankers, mortgage loan officers, escrow agents, real estate attorneys, and even home construction and repair contractors. High-profile participation in social and civic organizations centered around real estate activities is an ideal image enhancer and free advertisement source.

Investors’ clubs are particularly productive sources of Vancouver real estate leads. Membership in any local investment clubs can pay dividends that amount to multiples of any required dues.

Direct mail
Although direct mailing campaigns might seem to be somewhat of a “Dinosaur Age,” the number of consumers with no easy access to – or interest in the Internet is surprising. Targeted mass mailings tend to produce better results than broad-based efforts. Design and print personalized form letters on professional stationary that address the needs of specific market subsets such as:

  • Financially-distressed homeowners
  • Investors
  • First-time buyers
  • Those amidst major life events and crises: Examples are recent marriage, divorce, childbirth, a loved one’s demise, or retirement.

Such occurrences often have far-reaching financial implications that typically involve the acquisition or disposition of real estate.

Open house
Hosting an open house within an available property for sale is an excellent means of generating new real estate leads in Vancouver. Being the first professional point of contact for new arrivals to a bustling metropolis offers tremendous, tangible marketing exposure that is also very cost-efficient.

Prominent signage placement
Upon accepting a new listing or affecting a sales contract, install conspicuous signage in strategic locations on the premises that clearly indicate this to all sighted passersby.

Online website
Construct an aesthetically appealing, high-quality virtual platform that shows off your extensive professional knowledge and available inventory . Include at least ten articles that contain recent and accurate information about various realty aspects. Rental and commercial property investments, mortgage qualification, tax shelters, reverse mortgages, and home security are a few examples of excellent article topics.

Include practical utilities like interactive maps, loan payment and closing cost calculators, and click-to-call features. Such devices lend credibility and concertize hypothetical scenarios to incite viewers into taking affirmative action.

Spread the printed word
Odds are that you already engage in extensive daily travel in the pursuit of your trade or profession. Take full advantage of every potential opportunity to spread the word at little or no cost. Deposit, display, or insert business cards and other marketing literature upon and within bulletin boards, cash registers, and vehicle windshields.

Word of mouth
Called the “endless chain” in sales parlance, this perpetual promotional mechanism is time-proven as the best marketing tool known to mankind. Religiously extract referrals from current and previous clients, prospects, and customers. If necessary, offer incentives for all referred real estate leads from Vancouver that ultimately bear fruit. There is no better way in the world to build an army of zealous public relations willing to work on a commission basis.

Lead Generators
Invigo Marketing systems develops custom lead generation programs or real estate and local businesses. Contact us today to get your lead generation off the ground. Our lead generation programs are the best in the business. How do we know? Our clients tell us..

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New Real Estate Leads? But what About the Old ones?

Real estate leads can be (and usually are) the lifeblood of the business, as very few potential buyers and sellers pull out the phone book to play “Real Estate Roulette” when choosing to list their house.  Even when they end up needing or soliciting advice from an agent, those that need the agent’s services are more likely to call when given their number by a friend, neighbor, or relative, or going online to start their research very early on in the process.

Get New Leads…

Real estate leads are generated in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Cold calling – calling those that have not solicited services and asking whether they are interested in listing or thinking about selling/buying a home.
  • Mass mailing – sending out letters en masse to just about every homeowner in the community, asking them to contact the office if they are thinking about buying or selling.
  • Mass e-mail – along the same lines as cold-calling and mass-mailing, but less paper intensive, as it is done via the Internet.
  • Referral – Also known as word of mouth, this is likely should the agent exhibit trust, respect, and care in handling each individual client’s listing. Simply put, people tell other people about the great job that was done, and voila! Another client is walking through the door.
  • Online Lead Generation methods including facebook and google adwords.  Pay Per click.
  • Search engine optimization and Social media marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Landing page optimization and more..

…But Keep Up With The Old

There comes a time when new real estate leads is no longer ‘new’. This does not mean that the finish has worn off, or the relationship is no longer necessary; however, in the constant need for self-promotion, often real estate leads that are no longer new become “forgotten” before they have a chance to become “old”.

Keeping up with old(er) real estate leads does not have to be time consuming. Consider the following:

  • Christmas Cards – Everyone likes to be remembered.
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Contests – Engage the client
  • Thank you notes – at the very least, thank them for any referrals!
  • Mass e-mails, letters, or a blog
  • Personal phone calls.

Don’t be afraid to keep up with those “old” real estate leads! They were, after all, once quite direct sources of business, and chances are they will continue to be sources of business for as long as possible. When once again they have real estate needs, they will remember the agent that handled their business with care and respect. They will remember the agent that made them feel special and cared for.

Even when old real estate leads do not have real estate needs, they will happily tell others about the agent that was kind enough to do these things for them, including handling their listing with care and respect, and thus will (most likely) end up generating more real estate leads for the agent. Take the time to keep up with those that haven’t needed a real estate agent lately – at the very least it will keep a name fresh in their mind.

If you are looking for “Real” internet marketing strategies from a company that knows the business inside and out who has been generating leads online for over 12 years then give us a shout.  We’d be happy to discuss your business further.


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Think Outside the Saltbox: Creative Ways to Get Real Estate Leads

In an ever-changing market that exists in an ever-changing society, a good realtor is always seeking new ideas about how to get real estate leads.  What may have worked for your mentor may not work for you, and what works for you today may not work for you tomorrow.  If you’re looking for fresh techniques on how to get real estate leads, here are a few more to add to your repertoire.


One area that may be also be overlooked when considering how to get real estate leads is that of personal image.  What do others see when they observe you?  How is your etiquette?  Your style of dress?  Are you the type of person who will be recognized, for example, at a dinner party or other social event as someone who is likeable and successful?  If you don’t know the answer, then you have probably not given this serious thought.  Most large cities have companies or individuals that specialize in training professional and social etiquette.  It may benefit you to invest a few hundred dollars by taking an etiquette course.  Your classmates will provide another opportunity for you in terms of how to get real estate leads, because they will expand your social circle in ways that you may not have previously envisioned.


You already have an idea about how to get real estate leads by advertising to your social networks, but what guarantees that your friends, family or acquaintances will choose you over their brother’s uncle (who is so very “linked-in”)?  Don’t shy away from casually and periodically mentioning your skills and accomplishments to people in your social networks “in case they know someone” who could use your help someday.  You may just catch them at a time when they could use your help.  If you are continually thinking of how to get real estate leads through your social networks, you should also be motivated to always give good example to them.  No one is going to hire a friend who has proved to be dishonest, forgetful, or rude.


When pondering how to get real estate leads, remember social groups that may be overlooked, such as new Canadian and/or Americans.  Like new college graduates, those who are new to our country may have the ability to purchase a home (and eventually sell one) but lack the knowledge on how or why this is in their best interest.  If you are able to guide them through the process, you will likely develop a loyal following, since ethnic groups that are new to North America tend to form very close-knit communities.  If you become the trusted realtor or mortgage broker in a growing but overlooked social group, you may not have to worry about how to get real estate leads in the future.

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Targeted Real Estate Leads or Not to target

One option that mortgage brokers have when selecting clients is to target mortgage leads exclusive to one demographic group.  The decision to utilize mortgage leads exclusive to one particular group, if the group is large enough, can be a very lucrative one.  Whether or not this is a good decision could be based upon factors such as a broker’s personality, acquaintances, or age.


Realistically speaking, few brokers are awkward socially; however have the ability to reach out and interact with almost anyone under the sun.  Others aren’t as gifted in this regard.  For those who sometimes find themselves having a lack of word in certain circumstances, it may be wise to consider seeking mortgage leads exclusive to a few demographic groups with whom they easily associate.  For example, a new, young broker who is just getting his feet off the ground may feel most comfortable and relate better to recent college grads or to newly married couples.  In fact, mortgage leads exclusive to this social group could prove quite profitable.


Certain individuals are truly blessed when it comes to making good connections.  They are literally born into a family and group of friends who really know how to succeed and how to manage their income.  A broker who is fortunate enough to be in this position likely has no need to research the pros and cons of using mortgage leads exclusive to one group because he can identify good business strategies intuitively.  However, anyone who is new to the field or new to the concept of finding leads should take time to think about whether or not it would be wise to focus solely on doing business with acquaintances or to seek out mortgage leads exclusive to other groups.  Consider the financial positions and careers of acquaintances.  Will they need your services eventually?  Also consider whether or not you would be comfortable doing business with them.  For example, some families tend to have successful business relationships whereas others tend to feel more stress and pressure when working with family members.


Whether a mortgage broker is young or aging, he can use his age to his advantage.  One mistake that a young broker should never make is to pretend that is is experienced.  This young broker would also be mistaken to think that he could find clients from mortgage leads exclusive to the elderly population.  Certainly, if he is a likable person, potential clients wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, but the fact is that older clients want to work with someone who has experience.  Instead of putting on a facade, this younger broker could market his willingness to work long hours and put in a lot of energy toward finding good deals for his clients; or he could market his skills with internet or other technology.  In doing so he might just win over an elderly lead or two.  An older broker, whether new to the field or not, would be wise to market his experiences in life and business.  In doing so, he would benefit from targeting mortgage leads exclusive to his age group or older.

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Real Estate Leads

Generating Real Estate Leads

Real estate agents tend to mostly rely on image and referrals when generating leads. Getting real estate leads or homebuyers and sellers in the past used to depend on interacting and forwardly introducing one’s self to potential clients. This typically involved cold calling home owners who may or may not be interested in selling their property, thus generating real estate agent leads.

This practice existed in an era where cold calling was the norm in making business contact. However, today’s real estate market is far more sophisticated and skeptical when it comes to cold calling. Here is a list of ways to get real estate leads in today’s fast paced and digital centric marketplace.

Have a Website

One of the best ways to have real estate leads come to you is by having an online presence. The Internet has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade to the point where it is the dominant source of information for many individuals. The best way to get Realtor® leads is to have these leads come to you.

Doing this requires an online presence in today’s market. A billboard with your face on it just isn’t going to cut it in a real estate market that thrives on a rapid flow of information. Where else can one go for faster information than the Internet? A personal website can not only be a home launching pad for you to get leads, but it is also a great personal marketing tool. It is a continual presence online that can showcase past clients and also be a tool for future clients to contact you.

Have a Blog

Online blogging is another field that has grown tremendously over the past several years. Blogs were originally seen as nothing more than online journals that people inexplicably posted for public consumption. However, blogging has gained a great deal of repute and acceptance over the past couple years because of its ability to relay thoughts and feelings of the writer in a far more effective way than dry pieces of prose online.

The beauty of a blog is that many of the sites that host blogs do so for free. This enables you to get real estate leads via your blog for no cost at all. Hands down this trumps the unnecessarily expensive practice of purchasing real estate leads. Having a blog can also let future  clients identify with you as a person rather than as a distant realtor non communicative Realtor®

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Rock, Paper, Scissors…Electronics?

It is by far the common goal of every real estate agent to generate a constant, ever-changing, and steady flow of real estate sales leads. For most agents, this once meant a time consuming and fairly labor intensive process of tasks such as cold calling, in addition to sending out mass mailings. It meant taking time away from those tasks if more drastic measures were necessary, such as handing out business cards or going door-to-door to gain business.

Technology Makes Life Easier

However, with the advent of the internet, and advances in technology that have linked people worldwide, agents can now generate real estate sales leads through other means, including those that do not require massive and sometimes non-renewable resources.

Consider the following when trying to generate any real estate sales leads:

1. Mass e-mail – instead of sending out hundreds of paper letters to potential real estate sales leads, do the same thing electronically, thereby saving resources as well as time, since the letters will reach the recipients in a matter of minutes.

2. Blog – Having a real estate blog is a great asset in generating real estate sales leads. Don’t try to publish everything – visitors will become confused, and leave quickly. Publish a few bits of relative content, and keep it updated regularly.

3. Websites – The Internet can be advantageous in generating potential real estate sales leads, especially for agents. Numerous websites offer advice, listings, and other resources that were once impossible to come by.

4. Search Engines – Search Engines are by far the best way to become noticed on the Internet. Blogs and search engines can go hand in hand, as by keeping relative content on the blog, it will be noticed by more search engines, and thus more real estate sales leads.

5. Social Networking Sites – Usually frowned upon in terms of the working world (it has been known to cause some issues for businesses), sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn can be a great asset to agents looking to generate real estate sales leads. Promotion on social networking sites, used in a positive manner and with professionalism, can only benefit an agent.

Go Green to Attract Clients

Going “green”, once considered a radical concept popular to only a few, has become a worldwide movement. It is now considered gauche to use paper as though it was going out of style, as well as to use the resource of gasoline driving around a neighborhood with what might be a fruitless purpose (e.g. looking for real estate sales leads that might not materialize.)

Using technology and other “green” means to reach potential real estate sales leads is not only a concept that will aide the world, but will make an agent infinitely popular to any potential clients. Showing a willingness to advertise and promote via paperless methods, as well as a concern for both the environment and the world surrounding everyone, will help those clients to see the agent as someone willing not only to help the world, but to help them as well.

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Invigo Marketing Systems Releases New Certification For Real Estate Industry



Invigo Marketing Systems Gives Real Estate Professionals $30,000 in Added Revenue with Their New Certified Investment Property Advisor Program

Contact: Bob Mangat
Phone: 1(877) 575-9008

March 31st, 2011

In response to the recent demand for additional income for real estate professionals, Bob Mangat and Invigo Marketing Systems in announcing the release of their “Certified Investment Property Advisor” CIPA program.

The exclusive program accepts one real estate agent from a given area and helps them initiate their own services under the umbrella of the Invigo Corporation. Invigo handles all aspects of each professional’s personal campaign including lead generation for prospective clients, meeting logistics, online syndication to their target audience, newsletters, and essentially everything that is required to generate, sell, and collect.

According to Bob Mangat, who has already seen unprecedented success with his program, real estate investors, agents and mortgage professionals from every conceivable niche and any geographical location can consistently make $30,000 in extra income per month by using this method: “Last year I worked an average of 25 hours a week and I accumulated more than 1.2 million in gross commissions. It takes hard work and dedication to get it started, but once it is up and running it is extremely lucrative.”

Having been in the real estate field since 2002, Bob has made a reputation for himself as one of the most forward-thinking real estate professionals in Canada. Piggybacking off his success as a local realtor, Bob began mentoring investors, his fellow agents, and those meetings eventually lead to his online presence which offers books, seminars, and tutorials for all aspects of real estate marketing and investing.

The CIPA program has been the natural next step in the evolution of this process and so far it has been met with rave reviews from the real estate community. For Mark Sanchez, who has seen his own level of success in real estate, the CIPA system has propelled his career into aspects of real estate marketing that he didn’t even know existed: “The unique thing about this program is that it allows real estate professionals various ‘income streams.’ Rather than relying on just one method, Bob and his team take an approach that tackles all the lucrative aspects of real estate investing and marketing.  They show you their entire business model, show you how to duplicate it quickly, and actually help you run it as your own personal business. A partner of mine put it perfectly when he said it feels like Invigo is running a successful business under your name and giving you the profits.”

So far the program has attracted some notable names in the real estate industry and it is expected to fill to capacity within the next several weeks. To learn more about the CIPA program and how you can lock in a very lucrative spot visit:


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Invigo Marketing Systems Launches Local Real Estate Marketing Services

Invigo Marketing Systems is announcing the release of their new proprietary Real Estate Marketing program designed to help Canadian Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and other real estate profressionals more effectively market their services.


March 28th, 2011

According to a recent study, the demand for effective means of allocating business for real estate industry professionals is increasing at an exponential rate. With the recent downturn in the economy many Canadian real estate professionals are reeling, struggling to get a piece of the comparatively smaller pool currently available in the real estate market.

Research shows that there are two very different types of real estate agents in the current economic environment; those who get business easily and those that struggle just to stay afloat. The core of their differences usually comes in the form of differing marketing strategies, with those being successful acquiring steady leads and turning them into consistent conversions.

This simple difference between the two is the basis for Invigo Marketing System’s new program. Bob Mangat, who has personally perfected marketing systems in various economic climates comments: “Being in the real estate business for over 12 years I’ve seen first hand how agents spend their money on useless advertising that doesn’t get results. I started this business to prevent other real estate professionals from making these same mistakes, and to help them generate leads that will more consistently convert into buyers and sellers. Not only do we show them how to get optimal exposure, but we personally consult with them so they are actually making money from their efforts.”

Perhaps this is the biggest selling point for Invigo’s new program- Participants are assisted though every phase of the marketing process. They are provided with resources, education, coaching, and they are even shown how to utilize on and offline avenues to drive in a steady stream of clientele. The basis of the program is to show real estate agents how to seamlessly tie in every aspect of their business to get the most results possible from their efforts.

So far the program has received rave reviews from all those who have used it. It gives hope to real estate industry professionals who have been looking for new ways to attract business and shows them that it is still possible to make a significant amount of money in the Canadian real estate market. To learn more about this program please visit:

Contact Information:
Invigo Marketing Systems
Bob Mangat
Tel: 604-575-9008

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Real Estate Marketing – Telemarketing for Mortgage Leads

Real Estate Lead Generation: Using Telemarketing Mortgage Leads to Up your Results in a Down Market

Mortgage brokers seeking to stay on top in a down market need to find creative ways to generate new mortgage leads. One approach is to purchase lists of telemarketing mortgage leads from leads generation providers who specialize in residential real estate loans.

By purchasing telemarketing mortgage leads from these providers, a broker can potentially save valuable time and money. Many traditional forms of real estate lead generation are expensive and time consuming, and a broker spends countless hours weeding through thousands of bum leads before finding a “fresh” lead who wants to do business.

A good telemarketing mortgage leads list can help real estate brokers generate fresh mortgage leads without an excess investment of time and money. This is a crucial advantage in the current real estate market, where most brokers are stretched thin as they search for new customers while continuing to meet the needs of existing customers.

Telemarketing mortgage leads is a hands-free, person-to-person approach that can help expedite the pre-screening and pre-qualification process through “live person” phone calls made you’re your service provider’s outbound call center. An good telemarketing mortgage leads provider delivers only the pre-screened leads to the broker by transferring them directly to the broker’s office via phone, fax or email.

Telemarketing Mortgage Leads Providers

It is important to use a telemarketing mortgage leads provider that verifies and pre-qualifies new mortgage loan prospects according to the highest standards and criteria. Look for a provider that utilizes a system of quality control in order to weed out any non-qualifying loan or refinance leads before selling them to you. Also make sure they have a return policy for any non-viable leads they sell you that don’t meet the qualifying criteria.

Customize Your Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

Be careful to choose a telemarketing mortgage leads provider that will customize their screening and delivery methods to meet your needs. For example, once a good lead has been identified by your telemarketing call service, you can request that it be delivered directly to your phone as a “live transfer.” You can customize your telemarketing leads program so that qualified prospects are delivered to you daily or the next day for your immediate follow-up.

Shorten Your Closing Process

Phone calls are faster and more direct than most other forms of marketing and, therefore, results are faster. The real advantage of telemarketing mortgage leads over other forms of lead generation is that your qualified lead calls can be instantly delivered to you via telephone transfer so you can connect with your customer and complete the closing process in half the time it would have taken you through direct mail, advertising or Internet research

Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out how we can get your lead generation campaigns off to a rockin start.

PS. I just hired a consultant to handle our cold calling and telemarketing. I’ll send an update soon on our successes/challenges.

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Are Commissions the Only Concern?

Using tact, care, and professionalism often leads real estate agents to higher commissions, better listings, and, above all, a constant and steady stream of new business. Not using these factors, or even taking into account their existence, leads real estate agents, as well as the business and office that they represent, down a dark and scary path – all the way to the unemployment line.

Are Commissions the Only Concern?

Agents must understand, without a doubt, that they are the face of their office and business. The bottom line may be a commission; however, without new clients of any sort, real estate agents are soon out in the cold. Former clients have long memories for how their real estate agent acted and treated them. Therefore, using the utmost care in handling every sale soon leads real estate agents to better places.

If not generating any new business is a priority, try the following:

  1. Bad personal hygiene – Wearing the same shirt day after day leads real estate agents to appear uncaring…and stinky. Not showering or shaving leads real estate agents to appear unemployed – because they soon are!
  2. Dressing casually or sloppily – Nothing leads real estate agents to scream ‘unprofessional’ faster than working in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. The same holds true if breakfast or lunch decorates the shirtfront, even if opting to ‘dress up’ for the day and wear professional attire. Combine either tactic with point above to chase clients away even faster.
  3. Work under the influence – Getting behind the wheel when either intoxicated or after using drugs not only leads real estate agents to an unemployment office, but can also lead to jail time and lawsuits.
  4. Reveal client information – This leads real estate agents (and their careers) decidedly downhill. Talking about personal and confidential information to anyone that will listen is a serious breach of trust.

Note: Doing this on the Internet via mass e-mail or a social network site also leads real estate agents to be terminated, sometimes even blacklisted, in a heartbeat.

  • Keep a messy work area – Piles of paperwork, notes, and other clutter leads real estate agents to look disorganized, and leads clients to fear for their safety. Co-workers and clients putting on helmets and hard hats before entering a workspace is generally considered a bad sign. If full HAZMAT gear is noticed, leave the office – quickly.
  • Have a different time frame – It may come as a surprise, but today’s world is busy, and when people carve out time for a showing or closing, strangely enough, they expect the agent to be on time as well.

It’s Not About The Agent

Even when dealing with difficult clients, it is important for the real estate agent to remember to use tact, care, and above all, to be professional. Finding an agent dressed sloppily, with a workstation auditioning for a county landfill, can be a death knell for someone that depends largely on word of mouth to advertise.

Remember, clients are there for a purpose, and looking to the agent to provide that purpose. In other words, what the agent wants doesn’t matter – it’s about them. The faster the agent remembers that, and treats clients with tact and care, the faster the agent will generate more leads, listings, and ultimately, commissions.

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