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The basis for Conversion Optimization Getting traffic to your website is only half the battle. Once you get them there you need to turn those visitors into customers.

Just as the name implies, CO is a carefully calibrated scientific approach for generating the most possible conversions per visitor. The end goal is to make your site and your sales copy as appealing as possible while promising to teach your viewers something new, solve a problem, or satisfy a desire.

Conversion Optimization is Part Psychology and Part Trial and Error.

For most internet marketers it takes years to master the ins and outs of conversion optimization. What works for one customer base may not work for another, and even the best salesman can stumble when trying to decode the subtle psychology of a successful landing page.

With our conversion optimization services we will help you construct the best possible landing page for your target audience and systematically configure your landing page for the highest conversion rates in your field.

Invigo Marketing offers custom solutions for Conversion Optimization including:

  • Analytics reporting
  • Usability analysis
  • Landing page optimization
  • Strategic positioning of calls to action

Our specialists will implement a combination of “split testing” tools to determine which conversion techniques are the most effective for your specific campaign.

We will use proprietary software to monitor your visitors browsing patterns and determine which text, images, titles, and videos carry the most appeal for your target audience.

We will then leverage those strong points and carry them throughout the entire sales page, refining the pitch until it converts at the highest rate possible.

Your SEO Approach Should Directly Dictate your Conversion Optimization Approach

Unlike some companies who use a one-size-fits-all approach to conversion optimization, our approach will depend on whether your marketing approach is mainly passive, active, or social.

For example, if you are also using our PPC services we can launch campaigns that allow for highly controlled experimentation. We will drive traffic from a specific keyword to a specific version of your landing page and run well balanced tests with a minimum of divergent variables. Once we strike gold with the right combination we can then turn on your campaign full steam.

Invigo Marketing has the Experience and Know-How to Breathe Fire into Your Sales Page

Invigo marketing has time-tested experience and success with converting leads into customers so feel free to rest your websites success on our shoulders. With our proprietary system for conversion optimization, you’ll have a website that converts at your industry’s highest base percentages.

To receive more information regarding our conversion optimization packages feel free to contact us today. Each package will be customized to fit your exact needs and budget. contact us today to seriously skyrocket your ROI.



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