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Google web analytics helps businesses understand the behavior of their online audience. It allows them to assess where their visitors are coming from, what they are doing once they are there, and why they did or didn’t purchase their products or services.

These are the types of questions that are answered with the help of analytics. When you know what motivates your target audience and how they behave once they are on your site you can design a conversion optimization system that brings you the highest conversion rates for your efforts.

Our Analytics Team are Experts at Assessing the Behavior and Mentality of your Target Audience

Invigo marketing has years of experience with helping website owners determine exactly what their visitors are doing once they are on their website. We identify your most effective forms of advertising, how long visitors stay on certain pages, what their navigational patterns are like, as well as all the common sticking points that are preventing them from buying your product or service.

It’s our Job to help you Avoid the Common Mistakes Most Internet Marketers Make Such as:

  • Neglecting to use specialized segmentation features on their analytics interface
  • Neglecting to clearly define the websites goals and objectives, as well as the average conversion rate for other websites in the same niche
  • Wasting precious resources on tracking traffic sources which are not important
  • Tracking multiple websites under the same analytics account
  • Not creating individualized profiles that pertain to different marketing purposes

Analytics is Hands Down the MOST Important Part of your Online Business

With conversion optimization an internet marketer attempts to present a landing page that gets the optimal conversions for his respective product or service. But without analytics there can be no assessment of data. It’s much like flying blind; without analytics a website owner will not know where to aim his/her efforts, nor understand clearly how to yield the largest return on their investments. Needless to say, to hit the target you first need to clearly see where it is.

A Few of the Many Advantages of Using our Service:

  • We’ll use the results of your analytics in conjunction with our conversion optimization services to help your website more effectively turn visitors into buyers.
  • We’ll show you which of your marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not.
  • We’ll help you maximize ROI by streamlining your on and off site optimization towards avenues that have yield the best results.
  • We’ll analyze your website and recommend feasible ways to give your readership a better experience.

Combined with Conversion Optimization, the use of Analytics can skyrocket your return on investment and show you how to more effectively allocate your time. What this means for you is more profits with less work in a shorter time frame. To learn more about analytics, or just to see some of the packages that we offer,

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