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If you’re a Real Estate Professional, we NEED to talk!

“Never Before has Building a Local Real Estate Investment
Consulting Business Been So Incredibly Easy…”

Become the Local GOTO EXPERT by using our systems and strategies to teach others and have fun doing it. EVEN- If you don’t have any Real Estate Investing Knowledge whatsoever.

  1. Complete lead generation system —  Don’t worry. We take care of everything from a-z with complete fulfillment.

  2. Professional Branding as your area’s #1 Real Estate Investment Expert and “go-to” consultant

  3. Complete marketing and sales materials to make your job easy, so you can do what you do best.

  4. On-demand training (one on one consulting at its finest) — as little or as much as you need, we’re here to help.

  5. Direct access to Renowned Investment Expert  Bob Mangat and his elite Legendary Team, for specific step-by-step help (a $25,000 value alone!)

  6. Complete marketing and sales materials to make your job easy, so you can do what you do best.

From: Bob Mangat (Renowned Investment Consultant and Author)

Date: Now is the only time that matters

Adding up to $100,000 per year or mo re to your consulting business offering local training, meetings, cutting edge marketing services, turnkey deals and solutions to your clients is easier than you ever thought possible when you’re working with my Kick A$$ Investment Group. I call it the “CIPA system.” (Certified Investment Property Advisor).

Why? Because you get a fully tested ready-to-roll system to follow, developed by someone who spent more than ten years grinding it out in the field (just like you).

  • Imagine the power of a nationwide group of experts coming together to sharing successes and challenges as we work together to tackle them.
  • You can start your week on Monday by speaking with clients, coaching them on their investments and more.
  • This program is for anyone. We teach you within 90 DAYS how to go from struggling real estate investor to one that is pretty much a Celebrity in their own local market.
  • Don’t worry about the other details like client fulfillment, lead generation etc. Just get out their do your thing and network and will provide you with a turnkey business with scripts, ads, legal forms, contracts, complete web presence, press releases, radio interviews, video marketing solutions and more..
  • This is not some educational seminar on how to flip and wholesale properties.



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My system is designed to build you a local Real Estate consulting business that grows exponentially with very little effort. The system will totally eliminate the major obstacles that have kept you from the lucrative earnings you should be producing… right now!
(Turn up your speakers.  Here’s a sample of what your clients will have access to.)





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Here's what the Tenant had to say: We were excited when we found out our offer on our home was accepted, that was amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to reco

- Tammy, Kevin & Gabrielle Dupuis

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Sounds like a win/win situation for all. Members and Tenants!!

- Tim Thiessen – Port Moody BC VIP Member

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