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Invigo Marketing’s PPC (Pay Per Click) Management allows you to Place Extremely Effective Online Ads that Result in Sales.

PPC ads are the advertisements you see along the right and top portions of search results pages. Each time a potential client clicks on an ad the company is charged a fee that can vary anywhere between 1 cent and 25 dollars depending on the niche.

PPC advertise campaigns include many steps, the first starting with a bid on keywords that you believe your target audience would type into the search bar. For example, if you were selling “Real Estate Services in Vancouver” then you might bid on that key phrase and get charged a previously agreed upon fee for each person that clicks through to your website.

The secret, of course, is to outsmart your competition by bidding on terms that show up higher on the list while still paying less to get them there.

This is done through a series of methods, most notably choosing relevant keywords and creating enticing ad copy.

Having Experienced Professionals Manage your PPC Campaigns is Just Good Business.

For those internet marketers that have tried PPC on their own they can attest that it is an easy way to lose money. Without years of experience and industry know how you’re essentially gambling on your own inexperience.

When First Starting Out it’s Essential to Have Experts Manage your PPC Campaigns.

Invigo Marketing’s experience with pay per click advertising allows us to manage your campaigns in the most efficient way possible. We will construct tailored keywords for your desired customer, manage your bidding for maximum ROI, and write ad copy that pulls the clicks out of your readers. With our proven Pay Per Click program, we’ll ensure that you are running a highly profitable and seamless PPC campaign.

Here is what you Will Receive with our PPC Services:

  • We’ll maximize your investment by calibrating your cost per click and click through rates to the optimal levels
  • We’ll “split test” your campaign to get your CTR’s equivalent with the highest averages for your niche
  • We’ll charge you less than what your competition is paying by streamlining your campaign to get the best ROI possible
  • We’ll track your campaigns with proprietary software that allows us to continually tweak our approach for the best results

All of these will combine to give you the most successful PPC campaign for your investment. Please contact us today to discuss your options for our PPC service and let’s work together to drive targeted visitors to your website!

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