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“How an Experienced Personal Mentor Will Help You Lock In $232,016 a Year Investing in Real Estate Without so much as Touching a Screwdriver!”

Your Personal Investing Coach Will Help You Join LOCAL Investors Who Make an Average of $58,004 Per Single-Family Home, Buying and Selling on a Rent-to-Own Program, In Your Spare Time … even in a ‘Down’ Market!


Dear Friend and Real Estate Investor,

My name is Bob Mangat, and I’m a Real Estate Investor and owner of Invigo Marketing Systems who works exclusively with real estate investors. On this page, I’m going to show you how to create attractive profits with nice single-family homes. In addition, I’m going to show you how you can get an experienced real estate investing coach, in your marketplace, to help you one-on-one with your real estate investments.


I should start by telling you my story, because I’m a real estate investor myself.

Before getting into real estate, I was a an Analyst with the largest Automobile insurance providers, and I HATED it. In fact, I always felt like I was keeping score for the people who were actually out making things happen. I decided I wanted to make things happen for myself, too.

Like most people, I knew there was money in real estate. I began to read books on real estate investing. I ordered programs from TV commercials and went to high-prinobs-credit-ebokced real estate investing seminars. I listened to the so called “gurus.” I wanted to invest, but I didn’t know where to start.

At first, I tried to rehab homes. I spent hours at the courthouse trying to buy foreclosures. I made offers and wasted a lot of time. After months and months of effort and time, I didn’t make a penny.

Next, I thought I could make some money buying multi-family homes. On paper, these looked attractive because of the projected cash flow. So, I finally bought my first investment property, a two-family home. I immediately raised the rents on my two new tenants. Guess what happened? They immediately moved out. I then painted and spruced up the units. I got two new tenants who ended up hating each other. There were always problems, fights and issues between them. This was too much for me. I ended up selling this property without making any money, just to get rid of the headaches.

Since Income for Life launched, I have written several books; my articles have been featured in most real estate papers including the Canadian Real Estate Guide, the Real Estate Channel and the Real Estate Investor’s Journal and countless others.

Things have b een crazy to say the least. I have built a network of agents throughout Canada. The real estate professionals in these locations work one-on-one with local investors. In essence, they have be come the mentors that I always needed.

Enough about me …

Let’s talk about you.

If you’d like to automate your real estate investing, create $232,016.96 per year of extra income without having to rehab or repair any homes, and have your own personal real estate coach in your market place help you, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

With my system and with a personal coach at their side, Income for Life Members buy and re-sell about four homes a year following the information outlined here.They average $58,004 per home, thereby creating an extra $232,016.96 a year of locked-in income. Now, you’re probably wondering how and why I could do that for you. Let me explain…
As an Income for Life member, you’ll receive step-by-step instruction, guidance, advice and, if necessary, hand-holding from a personal investing coach – the kind of mentor I needed but didn’t have when I started out.
Your coach will be an experienced investor himself, knowing which neighborhoods to buy in, which properties to purchase, how to market them and how to maximize your profits using my system. My team of real estate professionals works ONLY with investors, and we locate, research and scout the best properties for you. The guesswork and legwork are eliminated for you.
My team also negotiates the best deals for you on purchases, gives you access to the most favorable investor financing and helps market your home and screen potential tenants. In other words, Income for Life members have a real estate investing expert doing most of the work for them. It’s guidance that’s critical to success, especially in this real estate market. Investors going it alone are finding the going extremely tough.
Income for Life members also receive our New Member Kit. This includes A-to-Z instructions on my entire system. We will help you step-by-step in building your real estate money machine!
You’ll also have access to our free member classes, which will show you how to get started quickly and how to rent your home fast and for top dollar.
Each month, you’ll receive my lengthy Income for Life Newsletter and Income for Life Audio Series which includes new ideas, strategies and tips to help you increase your income and build wealth.
You’ll also get access to our members-only Web site, which has available for download all the forms and documents, online video training and social portal system that’s necessary to use our system – applications, leases, deposit forms and more, already done for you – plus puts a ton of other investing tools at your fingertips.
With all these resources at your disposal and an expert working for you, there’s no reason you, too, can’t join those who are making $232,016.96 per year of extra income.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. But I’m going to show you that I can back up what I claim.

Reason One: As a real estate investor, I have taught more than 1500 real estate investors throughout Canada, acquire investment properties and make amazing returns without having to fix up distressed properties. My members have locked in well over $3,700,000.00 in real estate profits and a combined monthly cash flow of over $350,000 in their spare time.

Reason TWO: As I mentioned, We’ve have built a network of Income for Life agents. That network has grown exponentially now throughout North America, . In other words, my investing strategy works internationally. In fact, within the last few months, we have had 379 people from all over apply for available Income for Life Membership openings.

Reason Three: In surveying my Income for Life Members and analyzing the data they have provided, I have found that on average, each member locks in $58,004+ on each investment property they acquire with my system.

Here is a breakdown of just a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you attend become a part of the Income for Life System..

You will learn how to turn just 3 homes into 24 homes in 6 years! You can quit your job and live off of the money that your properties generate for you!
You will learn how to charge $200.00 to $300.00 more in rent each month for each home that you own! With two homes, this could mean an extra $5,000.00 a year in profits.

Receive your monthly rent checks on or before the 1st of the Month.
With my revolutionary on-time system, you won’t have to chase your tenants each month to collect the rent. Your renters will actually be glad to pay you on time!

Have Your Tenants Pay You 3% to 5% of the Value of Your Home Up Front before they even get the keys.
Your coach will show you how to receive thousands of dollars more from each home, PLUS get tenants who are more committed. Depending on how much you put down to buy your investment property, you could get 100% of your money back within a few short weeks!

We will show you how to get your tenants to manage the properties for themselves.
You won’t have to deal with all of the day-in and day-out problems with your properties. Your tenants will operate as if they own your home. Many of our members’ tenants have made improvements to their homes. Some of these tenants have installed new carpeting, painted decks, installed new landscaping and much, much more.

You will learn a way to systematically guarantee that each and every one of your investments will be profitable before you buy it!
Your coach will analyze for you ever aspect of every deal, and will make sure the property is a great buy before you invest one penny of your money! You will be able to quickly and easily filter out all dog properties and save yourself thousands of dollars and hours of time. We help our members use a simple test to guarantee the property they are considering is a profitable investment.

We provide you with all of the Contracts, Forms and Legal Documents that you will need.
You won’t have to worry about how to structure your contracts or agreements because our Attorneys have done that for us! We use these contracts and forms every day. They have even been tested successfully in court! Each of our members receives these forms, which include step-by-step instructions on how to complete them.

Step-by-Step Instructions and Guidance on How to Select the Best Tenants
You probably know someone who has had a problem tenant! In fact, they may have even had to evict a tenant or two. Problem tenants are very expensive in both time and money. Evictions are costly, too. Vacant homes are costly. Fixing up the home after the eviction is costly. Your personal coach will help screen, qualify and select the absolute best tenants for your properties. In addition,
we help you check their credit and evaluate their rental applications. We know what to look for and what to avoid!

We provide the advertisements to use with your investments that will make your phone ring off of the hook.
This will save you hundreds of dollars of expense in trying to find how to get interested buyers and tenants to call you. We have tested countless advertisements and found the absolute best ones for you to use! These proven, time-tested advertisements will work like money magnets, reliably drawing hot prospects, day and night, year after year. It’s an iron-clad guarantee your phone will ring off the hook.

Your coach will help you create an auction-like environment for all of your properties. You will literally have people competing for your homes.
Our proven advertisements are so powerful and get so many calls, you’ll actually have scores of qualified tenants and buyers COMPETING for your properties! This simply means that you can pick the absolute best candidate for your property rather than be stuck with some unqualified person. When you learn how to create auction- like environments for your properties, you will also be able to command higher rents, sale prices and better terms. This will increase your profits and help you put your properties on autopilot.

Have your prospective tenants tell you, before you even speak to them, how much money they have available to give you before they move in.
This one technique will automatically increase your profits and screen out unqualified tenants. When you use this strategy, you can receive thousands of dollars of non-refundable upfront money from your tenants/buyers.

You will learn how to get your tenants to pay for the first $1,000 of any and all repairs in your properties each and every month.
Most investors feel that they are nickel-and-dimed all the time by their investment properties. With this technique, your tenants will absorb all of the normal repair costs protecting your profits.

You can use this one simple trick when structuring your mortgage that will literally shave off thousands of dollars in interest while you own the property.
With lower interest costs, you will increase your positive cash flow each and every month that you own the property. With this trick, the same property can be thousands of dollars more profitable for you.

We include one specific strategy that you can use to literally double your investing profits.
This strategy will require extra effort from you. However, you can go from 3 homes to 48 homes in less than 5 years! If you had a $200.00 monthly cash flow from 48 homes,
you would have an income of $9,600.00 per month. Also, if you received $20,000.00 in appreciation on 48 houses, you would have created $960,000.00 of wealth!

Your coach will analyze with you the profit of the property with a simple 10/10/10 investing formula.
You can quickly determine if a property is worth time pursuing. Many investors spend too much time trying to decide if the property represents a good purchase. In real estate, time is money. Things move fast, and investors have to move fast as well. Imagine losing out on a great deal because someone else moved while you were still trying to figure things out. By sticking to our easy-to-follow guideline for evaluating properties, you will be able to quickly determine if the numbers will work for you. This formula is “fail-proof.”

You don’t have to paint walls, replace kitchens, fix leaky pipes, or install tile floors!

Our system focuses on buying nice homes in nice areas. When you follow the Income for Life approach, you will not need to fix up homes to make money. In fact, you should receive money in your pocket before your first mortgage payment is due!

Your coach will instruct you on the right type of properties to acquire.

You don’t have to try to guess what will work. We have invested in all different types of homes in various areas. We have found a common denominator that we use to pinpoint the absolute best properties for you to invest in. We know which homes are profitable and which homes aren’t. This information alone is priceless. And you can’t get it everywhere

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what our members say:


Now I know the question you’re probably thinking while reading this letter…

What about the unstable real estate market?

Well, today’s real estate market actually presents a tremendous opportunity to build substantial amounts of wealth. I realize the news reports aren’t saying this, but it’s true. Here is why…

  1. Home prices have dipped a bit and may continue to do so. This means you can buy nice homes at discounted pricing.
  2. Sellers are now more motivated to sell because of the increase in competition. The buyers market allows us to negotiate extremely favorable terms on our investment acquisitions.
  3. With the sub-prime mortgage collapse in the States, it has been very difficult for first time buyers getting a mortgage, there has been a significant increase in the number of renters who want to move into our investment properties. These renters were previously qualifying for the sub-prime mortgages and buying their own homes. Today, these same buyers can no longer qualify to buy. This means an increase in demand and in rental pricing.

Interest rates are now at very low levels with the recent Rate Cuts. Lower interest rates typically lead to higher monthly cash flows!

  1. According to Stats Can. Population is expected to grow at a rate of almost 50% in the Fraser Valley and over 43% in the GVRD and over 25% on Vancouver Island and the Thompson Okanagan by 2036.

Now, I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the world, but lower home prices, low interest rates, increases in rental demand and rental pricing and projected significant increases in population seem to indicate that now is the time to invest.

In summary, here’s what you get when come out when you join Join Income for Life

You get the full services of our team, which include:

Our Income for Life newsletter, which includes topics such as Asset Protection, Tax Strategies, etc. … (a $29.95 value)
The monthly Income for Life Audio Series. Each month, I interview successful members, wealth building experts, authors and more. (a $19.95 value)
Special access to our FREE Member classes. These classes include our Fast Start Training class and our How to Rent Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar class. You’ll be able to meet and network with other members. These relationships will prove very helpful for you as you can learn from each other. (a $500 value)
A special Member’s Only Web site that will help you make more money from your properties quickly. You can download special articles and previous Income for Life Newsletters. (a $1,000 value)
Our Team’s Exclusive Best Buy Hotlist e-mailed to you (Generated by our 4-Point Home Search) (a $300 monthly value)
We will work through the properties that match your criteria together and analyze their condition and profit potential. In other words, you get access to your own personal real estate investing coach. (Value – priceless)
We will help with the legal contracts and addendums and negotiate the purchase for the lowest price and best terms (a $5,000 value)
We will consult on the closing process with all involved parties (lenders, title companies, appraisers and escrow agents), which means you are guaranteed a headache-free, properly managed acquisition. (A $200 value) Private sellers only..
We will help design a Rent to Own Program for your property including the advertisements, pricing strategy and monthly rents. (a $1,000 value)
We will help you create an auction-like environment for your rental properties whereby your prospective tenants will tell you up front how much money they have to put down on your home
We will teach you How to Show & Prepare Your Property to Prospective Tenants
You will receive our Legal Agreements, Applications and Documents – done-for-you, easy-to-use paperwork.
We will help you collect large NON-REFUNDABLE Up-front Payments from your tenants
We Help You Rent Your Home for $200.00 to $300.00 More Each Month (a $3,600.00 annual value)
We Show You How to Guarantee Your Tenant is Responsible for All Minor Repairs on YOUR Property
We EVEN help you set up a rock-solid system to receive your Rents on or before the 1st of the Month (Every Month!)
We work with you EVERY step through the process until you have money in your hand from your tenant/buyer and your home is an autopilot cash machine.
Joint Venture Secrets
My killer foreclosure profits and marketing systems and much more…
Online Video trainng systems and Social Portal.
And More…


Compare our low membership price to the high-priced boot camps and seminars offered by the “gurus,” who don’t even live where you live or know anything about the properties in your area.

You’ll get to test drive it FREE for 44 days. 30 Days money back and a 14 Day free trial before anything is ever charged to your Credit Card.

When your membership application is accepted, you’ll receive:


I am giving away all of my past 24 months of my Income For Life monthly newsletter. (A seminar in every issue). Some of my Income for Life members have built successful side businesses from the information in these newsletters alone. (A $1678.80 Value)


A special report titled “The Art of Getting Money” written by the legendary P.T. Barnum (America’s Greatest Promoter). This report is Barnum’s most famous speech that comes from the 1869 edition of his autobiography, “Struggles and Triumphs”. Many people said that Barnum’s advice in this speech has helped them become wealthy.


A report entitled “What Successful Investors See That Unsuccessful Investors Don’t.” This report reveals a secret that can help you skyrocket your investing returns. It is a simple idea that you can use over and over again to generate enormous wealth!


A brand new best selling book by Joe Vitale, “The Greatest Money Making Secret in History!” In this book, Joe outlines what he believes is the Greatest Money Making Secret in History. I have tried this simple idea with fantastic results!


An audio program entitled How to Make Money Multiply, Consistently, Constantly, and at Will. In this CD, we will teach you the three biggest financial mistakes most investors make and how to avoid them. We will also show you how to build wealth fast. And we’ll talk about the proper mindset to have to increase your awareness and financial well being. It’s a huge eye opener for building wealth!


An audio program entitled “How to Be Financially Free in Seven Months”. In this CD, Rob Minton interviewed Joe Mercadante about his real estate success. They discuss how Joe gained financial independence in just seven short months! More importantly, they discuss the mindset and thinking that Joe applied to reach his goals.


The Complete Step-By-Step Book: “The Amazing Rent to Own System” This system has sold alone on the Internet to other investors for $899.00. This system includes:

  • A simple 10/5/10 Investing Formula
  • Sample Advertisements & Flyers for Your Properties
  • A System To Get Buyers & Tenants to Tell You How Much Money They Will Give You Upfront Before You Even Talk to Them
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Select the Absolute Best Tenant
  • Details on How to Show & Prepare Your Property to Prospective Tenants
  • Our Legal Agreements, Applications and Documents
  • Strategy on How to Turn 3 Homes into 24 Homes in Less Than 5 Years
  • How to Structure Your Rent to Own Program for Maximum Profits.
  • The Key to Your Investing Success


You will receive our Step-By-Step System for Making Money on Used Mobile Homes. You can buy and sell used mobile homes for massive profits. Average return on investment is over 300%. T (This is a $99.00 value!)


You will receive A VIP Access ticket to the Sunday morning breakfast breakthrough session with me and my team. (priceless) (LIMITED TO THE FIRST WHO REGISTER)


You’ll receive a free 30 Day test drive to my income for life system. The exact same system used by hundreds of local investors to build wealth in real estate. ($700 Value)

Before we go any further, I need to tell you right upfront: Not everyone qualifies to be an Income for Life member of ours. When you attend our upcoming workshop we will determine at that time if we will work together or not. If not, no hard feelings and your money will be refunded.

We are unable to accept every applicant simply because we have limited time and limited resources. For accepted members, we work one-on-one with you helping you find, acquire and profit from select investments. We walk through homes and help you evaluate their condition and profit potential. We help you negotiate and purchase the property. Finally, we help you advertise, show and screen your tenant/buyer. We simply can’t handle hundreds of new members a month. However, based upon our workload, we do agree to accept a select few new members from time to time.

Stop Procrastinating and make this the year to take ACTION!

To Your Success,


Income For Life Real Estate Investing and Marketing systems


P.S. Hey, it’s easy to say “no”. Easy to come up with an excuse not to take advantage of this FREE TRIAL OFFEER. Easy to close your mind to new and different strategies, easy to continue with the comfortable and familiar. But no sales, profit, business or lifestyle breakthrough ever came from saying “no”.