Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad

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The concept built around Rich Dad, Poor Dad is simple. It has to do with changing your mind set about money. The developer of this simple seeming system is Robert Kiyosaki, who gives the advice of both his dad’s to us and then shows us how one is a defeatist attitude and the other is a way of thinking that opens doors and other opportunities for creating even more wealth.

Instead of saying, this is how I became rich and this is how you can do it too, Kiyosaki offers advice that makes the reader think about how the advice can be applied to their lives. For example, instead of saying I can’t afford something, change your thought to how can I afford that? And use your creativity to come up with a solution to make it possible. Kiyosaki claims that your thought processes about money are more than half the battle to learning how to create wealth in your life.

There are parties out there that will say that that Kiyosaki’s advice is not worth the expense of the book, but that is a matter of where you are coming from. If you are looking for a path to be laid out for you and followed step by step, then Rich Dad, Poor Dad is not for you. But if you are looking for motivation and a though changing experience to add to your own creative business ideas, then Kiyosaki is the author you have been searching for.

According to the Rich Dad, Poor Dad website, Kiyosaki and his associates offer free seminars all over the United States and Canada. This offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about the philosophies of Rich Dad, Poor Dad with like minded individuals. In addition, Rich Dad, Poor Dad offers several free gifts for attending the seminars to get you started on your path to financial freedom.

Kiyosaki often gives financial advice that contradicts more traditional advice. A few years ago, he rocked the world when he said that your house is not an asset, but a liability. That seems to have rung true now that we are in the midst of the worst housing crisis ever. Kiyosaki may just be a man ahead of his time.

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