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“How to Sell Your Home in 48 Hours or Less Without Ever Listing it!”

In today’s buyers market, it takes longer than ever to sell a house. Here’s how to avoid months and months of waiting, wasting time and money, and showing your home over and over to an endless parade of people who never make a fair offer!

Dear Home Owner,

If you’re trying to sell your house, planning to sell your house, or even thinking about selling, then this is a hands-down, must-read report for you. But it’s a report that Real Estate Listing Agents definitely don’t want you to read!

Here’s why:

If your home meets certain criteria, you don’t need a Real Estate Agent to list your home for sale. My name is Bob Mangat, CEO and Founder of Invigo., and I don’t want to list your home. In fact, if it’s the right home, I already have a buyer for it.

Our Real Estate Team’s clients buy hundreds of houses each year. Our team has over 200 investor clients in the Lower Mainland alone, and those clients are qualified buyers who are constantly looking for nice homes. Most of them purchase multiple homes each year, and some of them buy homes sight unseen, simply on our advice that we’ve located a home for them.

In other words, there are literally hundreds of eager buyers lined up, always on the lookout and ready to buy homes just like yours! Think about it: You have the right house. We have the huge pool of buyers. So why would you need to list your home for sale?

You could go the traditional route, which is signing a 12-month listing agreement with a broker, basically giving the listing agent 12 months to sell your home without any penalty for letting it drag out that long. Plus, you have to be ready to vacate your house for weekend open houses, take phone calls at all hours of the day from agents who want to bring strangers through your house on a moment’s notice, and keep the house looking its best 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You could instead try “For sale by owner,” which means you’d pay for all the advertising yourself, do all the weekend open houses and evening showings yourself, and probably take even longer than six months to sell your home.

Or you could submit an application to have your home sold to one of our clients. (see below to apply) If your home is the kind of home we advise our investors to purchase, you might only have to let us bring one of our clients through once, and you could get an offer on it that same day!


P.S. The number of 48 Hour Home Sale Program Applications we can accept in any given month is severely limited. And at certain times, we cannot accept any new Home Owners for our program. With this in mind, I can only encourage you to apply immediately . However, should you delay, when you do respond there may be a waiting list and you may have to wait weeks or months for an opening.

P.P.S. Remember, this is totally confidential and no one will be aware of this except you, me and our buyer, that’s it. There will no listing agreement. There will be no sign in the front yard. There will be no showings at all hours of the day for months on end.



Fill out the form below and you will be contact within 48 hours.




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