Targeted Real Estate Leads or Not to target

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One option that mortgage brokers have when selecting clients is to target mortgage leads exclusive to one demographic group.  The decision to utilize mortgage leads exclusive to one particular group, if the group is large enough, can be a very lucrative one.  Whether or not this is a good decision could be based upon factors such as a broker’s personality, acquaintances, or age.


Realistically speaking, few brokers are awkward socially; however have the ability to reach out and interact with almost anyone under the sun.  Others aren’t as gifted in this regard.  For those who sometimes find themselves having a lack of word in certain circumstances, it may be wise to consider seeking mortgage leads exclusive to a few demographic groups with whom they easily associate.  For example, a new, young broker who is just getting his feet off the ground may feel most comfortable and relate better to recent college grads or to newly married couples.  In fact, mortgage leads exclusive to this social group could prove quite profitable.


Certain individuals are truly blessed when it comes to making good connections.  They are literally born into a family and group of friends who really know how to succeed and how to manage their income.  A broker who is fortunate enough to be in this position likely has no need to research the pros and cons of using mortgage leads exclusive to one group because he can identify good business strategies intuitively.  However, anyone who is new to the field or new to the concept of finding leads should take time to think about whether or not it would be wise to focus solely on doing business with acquaintances or to seek out mortgage leads exclusive to other groups.  Consider the financial positions and careers of acquaintances.  Will they need your services eventually?  Also consider whether or not you would be comfortable doing business with them.  For example, some families tend to have successful business relationships whereas others tend to feel more stress and pressure when working with family members.


Whether a mortgage broker is young or aging, he can use his age to his advantage.  One mistake that a young broker should never make is to pretend that is is experienced.  This young broker would also be mistaken to think that he could find clients from mortgage leads exclusive to the elderly population.  Certainly, if he is a likable person, potential clients wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, but the fact is that older clients want to work with someone who has experience.  Instead of putting on a facade, this younger broker could market his willingness to work long hours and put in a lot of energy toward finding good deals for his clients; or he could market his skills with internet or other technology.  In doing so he might just win over an elderly lead or two.  An older broker, whether new to the field or not, would be wise to market his experiences in life and business.  In doing so, he would benefit from targeting mortgage leads exclusive to his age group or older.

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